Pet Circle
03/24/2017 at 23:44. Facebook
Stock up on your favourite big bags, just like Harlow, before they're all gone: [ Link ]
Wednesday feels anyone? Treat yourself with a #petcircle delivery! Thanks for the snap, Mochi!
Dogs with this smile have 100% chances of being good boys. This is Boston and Spencer with their #petcircle delivery. Now show us yours!
That inner smile when it's #petcircledelivery time! Enjoy the new food!
If just like Waffles the Blue x Torty, your cat or your dog has a special event this weekend, get them a Fuzzyard bow tie collar attachment to look this dapper! The bow tie simply attaches to any collar and can easily be removed. Shop yours before they're all gone: [ Link ]
Ever wanted to take your cat for a walk or have them join your picnic in the parK? [ Link ]

How to teach your cat to walk on a lead
Bruce is showing off his new #petcircle delivery. Thanks for trusting us with your favourites and essentials, Bruce!
When your humans tell you to wait to open your #petcircle delivery box so you give them this look! Thanks for sharing your photo, Leo!
End your afternoon with some puppy love with Lyla the baby lab in her #petcircledelivery box.
Ever wonder why you're getting meowed at so much? Our vet, Dr. Carla, explains it all: [ Link ]

Why do cats meow?
When your favourite litter is eco-friendly and made of recycled paper AND always at the best price at Pet Circle. Shop it here: [ Link ]
Sharing is caring! What a sweetie you are, Loki!
Those first #petcircle delivery feels! Thanks for sharing this snap with us, Lewis! Hope you enjoyed your new box and what was in it!
How can you prevent dental disease in your dog?

Preventing dental disease in dog
Ever wondered if your pet is getting the right food for their age?

Feeding your pets the right food for their age
Winners of the #petcircleadvance competition announced! We were blown away by the quality of all your submissions. Thank you to all of you who participated and congratulations to our deserving winners! Watch this space for more #petcircle competitions coming soon...

The Amigos

Runners Up:
Dexter and Dakoda
Bandit proudly posing with his big bag of favourite food. So much discipline, not many can be this good and not touch a thing when their favourite food is in front of them!
Find the perfect brush for your dog's needs.

Which dog brush do you need?
The feeling when your humans stock up on treats for you! We spot some Ivory Coat goodness and some delicious Pure Treat Co real meat treats! Good choice, Frankie!