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Pet's Haven Animal Shelter
1 hours 14 minutes ago. Facebook
Meet Benny

Benny is a very sweet 12 week old Cattle Dog blend puppy with a stumpy little tail.

Our dashing boy is has a happy-go-lucky nature and is looking for a home where he is loved and cherished. He will be allowed inside with his family and included in all sorts of fun and games.

Like all puppies, we strongly believe Benny should attend puppy preschool, where he will learn the basics...
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Pet's Haven Animal Shelter
3 hours 14 minutes ago. Facebook
Meet Kyle

Kyle is a 9 year old Shar Pei blend that is sure to win his way into your heart.

Our handsome boy has had a rather sad life to date but now he is a part of the Pets Haven family, his past is behind him. Kyle longs to be a part of someone's life and has so much love and companionship to give. Kyle's ideal people will allow him to spend time with them inside, take him for regular...
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Meet Pepsi

Our cheeky and outgoing 9 week old boy Pepsi will make a fun addition to your family. Pepsi loves to play so another cat or kitten to play with would suit him just fine. Pepsi has been raised in a loving foster home with his Mother and siblings and is looking for an Indoor home where he can explore and play safely inside.

Pepsi has been:
Vet checked
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Meet Jazz

Jazz is a stunning 18 month old Bearded Collie blend. She is not a small fluffy dog, she is about a 20kg dog.

Our darling girl has not had the best start to life and was not treated nicely by her previous owners. Jazz loves to be with her people and would suit a home with a family who will be home a lot. She would not cope with being left alone for hours on end. Jazz will require...
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Meet Aragorn

Just like his namesake, 6 year old gorgeous Aragorn is totally irresistible.

With his stunning flowing locks, piercing eyes and charisma, Aragorn will steal your heart in no time. If you are looking for a wise and independent man, look no further than our handsome hero.

Aragorn has been:
Vet Checked
Microchipped: 941000019332687
Wormed and flea treated

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What a wonderful reunion.

Titan was taken from Barry's truck and a year later, they were luckily reunited.

Pit Bull Lost For One Year Reunites With Owner Two Days Before Being...

Meet Dodge

Dodge is a gorgeous, 4 month old Kelpie blend.

Our handsome boy has a life full of love and joy to give his lucky forever family. Dodge would love a home, where is allowed inside to be with his people. No outside life only for our boy.

As with all of our pups, we would like to see Dodge attend obedience training. This will ensure he grows into a well adjusted, happy go lucky man....
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Dear little Banjo came into our care in terrible condition.

His poor skin ravaged by mange, he could have been treated weeks earlier with no issues, but the mange was allowed to affect almost every surface of his tiny body.

Little Banjo is being treated by our vets and is staying in a loving foster home while he recovers.

Dogs requiring extra care, like little Banjo, put a strain on our...
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This is one of the kittens that were dropped off as a "donation" in a box around 2013 on one of our volunteers doorsteps.

Hi remember me it's Ashley, but l am usually called Ash now, l am enjoying my forever home and and my family is nice, but my favorite human is Jasmine, she is 14 and l spend most of my time with her when l'm not l like climbing up on the shelves and...
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The wonderful ladies at Pole Divas have sponsored our calendar every year, including our 2017 calendar.

Please support businesses that support Pets Haven. With their help, we can continue the rescue work we do.

Pole dancing classes provide a full body workout, cardio and strengthening, plus you get to do all this wearing stilettos if you choose to!

Pole Divas have studio locations in...
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Pole Divas

Meet Fern

Our playful and loving Tabby girl is just 18 months old and was saved from a pound with her new born kittens. Fern not only raised her own kittens but has been a Surrogate Mother to another litter of orphan kittens. With her sweet disposition and loving nature Fern deserves her own loving home where she can enjoy being a young cat again. Fern gets along well with other cats and...
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Meet Gypsy

Gypsy is a lovely 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier blend.

This darling older girl was rescued from a rural pound after finding herself homeless. Gypsy is looking for a family who will love and cherish her for the remaining years of her life. Our little sweetheart has so much love to give and deserves to be treated like a Queen.

Due to Gypsy's age, she is a part of Pets Haven's...
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Meet Bert

Handsome Bert is a 9 year old Maltese blend who is looking for a forever family.

Our darling boy was rescued from a rural pound after being abandoned by his owners. Bert is a lovely little dog who is so deserving of a family who will always love him and treat him like a King.

Bert has been:
Vet checked
Microchipped 956000004077775
Parvovirus tested
Wormed and...
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Neville has been in our care and without a home, for 227 days.

Neville is a handsome 18 month old ginger gentleman.

Our beautiful boy is the perfect office assistant. He can help with the filing, the desk rearranging and the laying on keyboard role.

Neville is looking for a forever after home, not a temporary home. He wants to be with you forever.

Neville has been:
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***WARNING: The following texts contain some graphic language.***

This text thread between husband and wife about a 'puppy' she found, is hilarious.

Wife Texts Husband She Found A Puppy, Then He Flips When He Realizes...

Well, this is gorgeous.

A man proposed to his girlfriend with an adorable rescue kitty, whom they then went on to adopt. Good job Gandalf.
Meet Allie

A gorgeous, 6 month old, Kelpie/Terrier blend pup, Allie will make someone a loyal and loving best friend.

Our beautiful and intelligent girl, is looking for a home where she is considered part of the family and included in all of life's adventures. A backyard only lifestyle is not suitable for our Allie. As she is a super smart, working breed, Allie requires mental stimulation as...
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Come and join us on Christmas eve for good times and good food, with like minded animal lovers.

The location is our amazing new Veterinary Clinic on 302-304 Canterbury rd, Bayswater North from 12pm to 4pm.

We will also be having an adoption event from Midday to 2pm where numerous puppies, dogs, cats and kittens will be looking for new homes.

Christmas is a great time for a pet to be...
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Hi. I thought you may like an update on one of your former charges. We adopted Bonnie about four years ago. Well she is a fantastic girl and much loved.

Will make sure we drop off some Christmas gifts for your pooches and cats. Thanks for the addition to my family.
Meet Snow

Snow is a beautiful 6 month old Kelpie blend with the sweetest nature.

Our darling boy is so handsome, happy and friendly. Like all of our dogs, we strongly believe Snow should be taken to obedience training. This will teach him how to socialise with other pups and people. As Snow still has a lot of growing to do, it is vital that he is given every opportunity to ensure he is a...
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