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No cow, pig, chicken or goat wants to be eaten! Pledge to go vegan to save animals from slaughter! [ Link ]

Pledge to Try Vegan
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There’s nothing fun about this! Urge the government to say no to animal acts: [ Link ]
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9 simple things to do if you witness crueltykeep in mind when you see an animal in trouble: [ Link ]

9 Things to Do if You Witness Cruelty to Animals
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You will be SHOCKED. Drug producers are using horses and other equines as living blood factories. Please urge authorities to close cruel equine-serum facilities and to switch to non-animal methods: [ Link ]
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Egg-laying chickens are given space no bigger than the size of your iPad screen in a typical cage! #BeKindToAnimals WATCH:
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What’s inside of your egg carton?
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Join in the Hockey India League in helping to prevent animal homelessness by promoting animal birth control. [ Link ]

Hockey India League’s Dabang Mumbai Promote Sterilisation
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“The debate has come to the point when every non-Tamilian considers all Tamilians to be pro-jallikattu. That is not true.”
-- Rajeshwari Ganesan

I am a Tamilian and I support the Supreme Court's jallikattu ban
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What if you could hear your breakfast scream? #TryVegan
You already know fur is cruel, but you’ll still be shocked at just how cruel it is.
Horses are being made sick and anemic for drug production. Help stop this cruelty by urging the government to switch to non-animal methods. [ Link ]
How lies & misogyny have been used to promote illegal cruelty to bulls via HuffPost India #Jallikattu [ Link ]

How Misogyny And Lies Define The Pro-Jallikattu Movement
Cows are branded on the face, electroshocked, and beaten to make leather interiors for the world's largest car companies. Here's what you could be supporting if you buy a General Motors, Toyota India, or Volkswagen car with leather interior among others:
Inspiring quotes by the late Martin Luther King, Jr. [ Link ]
This is a sign of the changing times. Congratulations friends at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) US!
"[C]riticism that PETA has targeted the Jallikattu festival while staying silent on other practices doesn’t hold water. In that, at least, PETA remains an equal-opportunity outrager, taking on every one it considers to be animal unfriendly."

PETA no stranger to controversy, a short list of the animal rights group's India campaigns
Chennai, it’s your chance to learn how to reverse diabetes and hypertension by adaption a healthy vegan living. Attend a seminar by Dr Nandita Shah, the founder of Sharan India on 22 January. Here’s how you can register: [ Link ]

Start the Year off Right: Attend a Seminar on Vegan Living | Blog | PETA India
Former PETA India Hottest Vegetarian contest winner Dr Shashi Tharoor on how hot and easy it is to be veg.

Veggie, very hot!