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PETA talks vegan fashion with students at
JD Institute, Dibrugarh. [ Link ]

PETA Talks About Vegan Fashion to JD Institute, Dibrugarh
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Five facts to think about when you turn off the lights to help the planet. #EarthHour [ Link ]

Earth Hour Food For Thought
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PETA talks vegan fashion with students at Inifd, Guwahati. [ Link ]

PETA Talks Compassion in Fashion at INIFD – Guwahati
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It's been approximately a year ago, when Sambo the elephant collapsed and died after giving a 40-minute tourist ride in Cambodia. [ Link ]

It's 2017, and elephants are still beaten, chained and forced to give joy rides in scorching heat in India. Pledge never to patronize elephant joy rides: [ Link ]

Exhausted Elephant Dies After Giving Joyrides
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This video proves that animals care for their loved ones. ACT NOW to help animals used in Indian circuses: [ Link ]
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This water buffalo was rescued as a baby & now he gets to splash around with friends <3
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Fish, turtles and other marine animals are often kept isolated in barren tanks, and they have no choice but to swim in endless meaningless circles.
Please do not patronise zoos and aquariums. #EmptyTheTanks
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The story of this puppy who was rescued after a gruesome acid attack will melt your heart: [ Link ]
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These baby bears are chained to the wall by their necks during circus training!
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How you can save water by choosing plant-based diet? You’ll be surprised! #WorldWaterDay
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WATCH Chef Saransh Goila shares a delicious Nutrela soya Andhra sambhar recipe. A perfect treat for guests! #WhatVegansEat
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SHARE if you agree animals are not ours to wear. #NotOursToWear
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She ate meat every day so she never saw it coming. #MondayMotivation
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As summer temperatures soar, here are some lifesaving tips on caring for animals in the scorching heat: [ Link ]

6 Tips for Helping Animals Survive the Summer Heat
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How will these meat-eaters react to meeting rescued cows, pigs and chickens?
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Check out this mouth-watering vegan Red Bean Hummus Tartine recipe from Le Pain Quotidien #WhatVegansEat
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She doesn't want to go through this for your makeup. Shop #CrueltyFree: [ Link ]

Beauty Without Bunnies | Cruelty-Free Products | Living
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These two horses at antitoxins and antivenins producing units are severely malnourished and thin. PHOTOS: [ Link ]

Join us in urging the government to shut down these equine-abusing facilities and encourage modern, animal-free ways of manufacturing antitoxins and antivenins. ACT NOW: [ Link ]

SHOCKING PHOTOS: Horses Abused for Their Blood
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What do you see when you open an egg carton? Have a look: