Every wool sweater has a graphic past.
Have you been wrong about fish all this time?
We’re sad to report that the video ends in tragedy. See why.

SPOILER ALERT: Viral Live Video of Giraffe Birth Ends in Tragedy

It's a perfect weekend to make #Vegan pupcakes for your best friend

[Directed by Asher Brown for Pollution Studios & GoodBelly Probiotics]
One of the many things that happens to chicks who are sick, deformed, “low-grade,” or male.

Workers Stacked Drums on Baby Chicks to Kill Unwanted Babies at Egg Hatchery

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We're lucky animals don't treat us with the cruelty & disrespect that some humans show them.
This is what happens to animals to make those furry pom-pom accessories. [GRAPHIC]
Our mission has always been the same—free the animals!

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VICTORY! City of San Francisco Just Banned the Sale of Nonrescue Dogs

Oscar-favorite Casey Affleck chooses to work in entertainment, but lions & tigers in the circus don't have a choice.

See why he's speaking out for them.
[WARNING: GRAPHIC] Imagine if people had to hear this every time they ate bacon.
Proof that animals shouldn't be treated like tourist attractions.

WATCH: What Happens to This Woman Shows Why Elephant "Encounters" Are Dangerous

Travis Barker of blink-182 & daughter Alabama love animals too much to eat them ❤
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"I'd do it again and take the beating again if it meant saving that turtle."

PETA Honors Florida Veteran Who Risked His Life Trying to Save a Turtle

This new campaign from Maggie Q shows what's REALLY behind every fur coat.
This poor bear at #ShrineCircus urinated on herself while performing just last week near Omaha