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[WARNING: GRAPHIC] THIS is why so many people are ditching angora.
#Friday night plans: Easy, #vegan, deep dish pizza
#Vegan pizza, of course!
Tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture that so-called "humane meat” is a lie.

SIGN NOW to Tell the USDA to Stop Allowing Misleading Labels on Meat

[GRAPHIC] Are those furry pom-pom accessories worth this suffering?
Alicia Silverstone shines bright above rainy #TimesSquare showing people she'd rather go naked than wear wool!
His name was D2 & the farmer BRAGGED about "jacking" him :(

This Fox Was Masturbated Then Killed. Still Think Fur is a Personal Choice?

#LosAngeles: Stop by this free exhibit celebrating #PETA's iconic "I'd Rather Go Naked" ads!

FREE: Art Exhibit Celebrating PETA's Sexy Celeb Ads!

EVENT - facebook.com
Their horrified screams are proof that animals don't belong in the circus.

This Lion Attack Turned Deadly in Front of a Crowd of Screaming Children at Circus

They know what mother cows go through & had to speak up.

Topless Women Crash a Dairy Industry Gathering with a Powerful Message

BREAKING: What happens to dogs in this lab will make you cry. Some can hardly walk or even breathe.
Because once you know the truth, you don't want to anymore.

This Is Why So Many People Are Turning Away from Elephant Rides

#BritishColumbia: Join the Gabriola Vegeteers for a vegan holiday feast!

All-Vegan Festive Winter Dinner on Gabriola Island

Meat production is a leading cause of climate change, water waste, & deforestation. [ Peta.vg Link ]
or ? #WearYourOwnSkin
Why UGGs are ugly, in under 60 seconds.

[WARNING: Graphic]