Every dog & cat deserves a loving home ❤ #AdoptDontBuy

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If you think all wool shearing is like a haircut, think again.
"Hi, I'm Truman!

I was living outside in the freezing cold until a concerned citizen called PETA, who came & took me in. Now, I'm ready to find a loving home with a new family. Will you help me find it?" ❤

Email Adopt@peta.org if you're interested in adopting Truman!
Paul McCartney wants you to see where your meat comes from.
Shameless star Emma Kenney shows off our new #AdoptDontBuy shirt!

Get yours now: [ Peta.vg Link ]
EVE reacts to seeing how these "backyard" dogs suffer in the freezing cold.
#Miami: Take a stand for & join the Miracle March for Lolita! #FreeLolita

Miami Miracle March for Lolita

EVENT - facebook.com
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds The Jackson Laboratory, one of the world's largest breeders of mice for use in experimentation. They deliberately breed mice with crippling health problems.

TEXT to tell them to stop doing this NOW!
Why Prada ostrich leather bags are ugly.
Please never buy puppies from pet stores or breeders & always adopt from shelters #NationalPuppyDay
Old dogs need homes too ❤ #AdoptDontBuy #NationalPuppyDay
Which uses more water: almonds or animal products? #WorldWaterDay
If UGG told the truth. #UghUGGs
It's #WorldWaterDay. Can you guess how many gallons of water it takes to make ONE steak?
Celebrities narrate the heartbreaking questions "backyard dogs" ask their humans [TURN SOUND ON]