Petcentric by Purina
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Does your dog love to travel? Send us pics of your pooch on vacation, traveling or sightseeing.
Petcentric by Purina
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Petcentric by Purina
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"Be honest, can I pull this off?”
Petcentric by Purina
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Happy St. Catrick's Day! Follow her to find the pot o' kibble at the end of the rainbow.
DYK: dogs will eat other dog's poop to compensate for nutrient deficiencies. [DYK: dogs will eat other dog's poop to compensate for nutrient deficiencies. ???? ????
Feline like having some fun? Ping pong balls, empty paper towel rolls, and cardboard boxes make excellent cat toys!
Still recovering from Caturday.
"Sunday fun-day, you say? What did you have in mind? I'm all ears."
"Woah. What did I actually say last night?" Don't worry. You're best pal won't judge you. It's Caturday!
Long week taken a lot out of you? Then take a load off, it's #Caturday!
Wondering what to name your new pupper? Check out these fur-proof tips for discovering the best names for your dog!
Warning: falling asleep on Sunday causes Monday.
This sleeping pup is so adorable, we can hardly "bear" it.
Sweet Sebastian is this week's Face of Petcentric. And what a face he is!
Pibble is ready for his close up, because he's the new Face of Petcentric!
"Do these make my snout look big?" Do you have any pics your or best buds at their silliest?
Cats can be very affectionate, they're just particular in how they show love.
We can bearly handle the cuteness! #PolarBearDay
"Who do you think will win for Best Leading Cat-ress?"

"Dunno. I'm more interested in Best Pro-dog-tion Design."
"What're mew lookin' at?" Get that cattitude ready, it's Caturday!