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“They take in the good breeze and just get a lot of bullshit told to them. So few people know the truth because the world has been exposed to so many lies." - Peter Tosh on tourists coming to Jamaica.
Peter Tosh
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“Peter Tosh has a lanky build, a friendly smile, lots of nervous energy and enough confidence to make him a star.” - Creem, 1979
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Get down to some Reggae Classics.

Reggae Classics, a playlist by Spotify
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“I don't want no peace.
I man need equal rights and justice.
I got to get it, equal rights and justice.
I really need it, equal rights and justice.
Just give me my share, equal rights and justice.” - Peter Tosh, “Equal Rights”

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day by not giving up the fight.

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"One of our most recent ventures is the Peter Tosh Museum, which we opened late last year. The impact of that venture was immediate. This past Christmas holiday had some really great days with tours being more than the staff could handle"

On the ‘Pulse’ for 37 years - Entertainment - Jamaica Observer Mobile
“Peter has chosen his scene, his band and his music very carefully. And he's done an amazing job putting it all together.” - Keith Richards
Listen to Donald Kinsey talking about his work with Peter Tosh, touring with The Rolling Stones, dancing at Mick Jagger‘s birthday party, and more!

"It was my mother's idea for me to play piano 'cause she could see I was gifted with music so she tried to motivate me by sending me to school. In six months the book I was learning in I could play back to front. In church they'd let the audience get up and sing.” - Peter Tosh on learning to play the piano.
A new Kingston museum remembers the legacy of the reggae superstar, Peter Tosh. #PeterToshMuseum

Word of mouth (January/February 2017) - Caribbean Beat Magazine
“I don't want no recognition.” - Peter Tosh
Melkam Gena! Blessed Ethiopian Christmas to all.
Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Beverly Kelso, and Bunny Wailer. #FlashbackFriday
"The The New York Times article cited the city’s cultural offerings such as the One World Rocksteady Music Festival, the newly opened Peter Tosh Museum and the dub club music parties."

New York Times names Kingston a must visit for 2017 - News - Jamaica Observer Mobile
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“I recorded [‘Don't Look Back'] because it is very symbolistic to the progressive move. It's got the power and a very militant, up feel. I only deal with progress.” - Peter Tosh

Stream “Don’t Look Back" here: [ Link ]
Open Monday-Friday from 10:30AM to 7PM and Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, plan your visit to the Peter Tosh Museum in New Kingston, Jamaica today.

The Peter Tosh Museum is Now Open - Peter Tosh
“There's trouble all over the world, whether they be black, pink, green or white. Everyone needs recognition this time.” - Peter Tosh on the importance of uniting.
“My music has something to teach people.” - Peter Tosh to Creem, 1979
"Peter Tosh, the legendary reggae icon, is one of those people who helped paved the path to legal weed."

Rastafari Rootzfest Awards Peter Tosh at 27th Annual Festival
“We are the prophets of this Earth.” - Peter Tosh on Jamaicans.