Peter Tosh
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“Peter Tosh was always outspoken, always the rebel, but it was the way he said things—that honeyed voice, those brilliant and subtly intricate compositions—that set him apart.” - PopMatters, 2011.
Peter Tosh
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"Tosh used his art to turn the people on to the struggle for justice, equal rights and world peace."

Peter Tosh: Resistance Fighter Against Racism and Apartheid
Peter Tosh
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“Some call it tampee.
Some call it the weed.
Some call it marijuana.
Some of them call it ganja.”

Get ready to blaze.

Peter Tosh: Limited Edition Smoke Bundle
Peter Tosh - Legalize It
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“They worry about me 'cause I tell the truth.” - Peter Tosh, 1979.
“He didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk — and people respect that all over the word.” - NPR, 2011.
“We a go fight, fight, fight.”

Peter Tosh Rasta Crewneck
Want to see Peter’s Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, which was awarded for his album ‘No Nuclear War’? Plan a visit to the Peter Tosh Museum.

The Peter Tosh Museum is Now Open - Peter Tosh
“‘Legalize It’ was a sensational call for global legalisation of ganja. It is regarded as one of the great protest albums and the fiery Tosh's signature work.” - The Jamaica Observer, 2016.

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“Peter Tosh was one of reggae’s most militant performers.” - Rolling Stone, 2011.

Coming in Hot - Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh Plays Live 1983

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Peter Tosh: New "Legalize It" Ltd Ed Remix EP Album
Start your day right. Listen to the ‘One Love’ playlist on Spotify.

One Love, a playlist by Spotify
"Jah is my keepa. Jah is my health and my strength."

When Tosh sang Jah is my keepa - Columns - Jamaica Observer Mobile
“It’s not all that glitter is gold, and half the story has never been told. So now we see the light, we gonna stand up for our rights.” - Peter Tosh, ‘Get Up Stand Up.’

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