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While head bumping may seem like just a playful form of interaction for your cat, it’s actually a significant gesture that’s reserved exclusively for members of a cat’s colony.

Why Do Cats Bump Heads? | petMD
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In honor of National Hug Day, here are the best hugs of all.

The 12 Best Dog Hugs of All Time | petMD
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Obesity is a growing problem in our feline population. Make sure your furry friend doesn't become a statistic.

Are You Overfeeding Your Cat? | petMD
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Read this for precautions pregnant women should take when handling cats and cat litter.

Cat Litter and Precautions for Pregnant Women | petMD
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Constant barking can be annoying for you, but it can also be a sign of a larger problem. Learn more.

Excessive Vocalization in Dogs | petMD
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Sure, you know how to pet a cat (and you’ve likely done it countless times). But while you may think you’re bonding with your furry friend, how do you know they’re enjoying it too?

Best Places to Pet a Cat | petMD
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If you'd rather take a natural and homeopathic approach to building a first aid kit for pets, here are some remedies to include.

Natural First Aid for Dogs and Cats | petMD
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Dogs vomit for many reasons. Some of the reasons are serious, while some are nothing to worry about. Learning to tell the difference can be tricky.

Different Types of Dog Vomit, and What They Indicate | petMD
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Nutmeg has already been through so much in her short life - but now she's happy and healing. Read her story.

Puppy Hit By Car Rescued From Snowy Ditch is Safe and Healing | petMD
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This pet adoption guide walks you through how to choose the right dog or cat for you and answers common questions about pet adoption.

The Ultimate Guide to Responsible Pet Adoption | petMD
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Learn the facts behind your cat's weirdest behaviors.

Shocking Truths Behind 11 Strange Cat Behaviors | petMD
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Cats that are over nourished, lack the ability to exercise, or that have a tendency to retain weight are at risk for becoming obese. Learn more below.

Obesity in Cats | petMD
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Learn all about hyperthyroidism in dogs, and which breeds may be predisposed.

Thyroid Hormone Deficiency in Dogs | petMD
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The once-anticipated family film is now facing a boycott due to the shocking clip.

Disturbing Video Of Animal Abuse On The Set Of 'A Dog's Purpose' Prompts Outrage | PawCulture
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How do dogs process the loss of their fellow canine companions?

Helping Your Dog Understand the Loss of Their Canine Companion | petMD
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Read about these trash can dangers for pets.

5 Trash Can Dangers for Your Pet | petMD
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Cats are susceptible to degenerative joint disease, with older animals being at the highest risk. Learn more.

Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats | petMD
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Although some objects may be small enough for your dog to swallow and digest with minor consequences, others may get stuck.

Dogs Swallowed Objects | petMD
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It is normal for cats to sneeze and have nasal discharge, just as it is for humans. It is only when it becomes severe or chronic that you need to become concerned.

Nasal Discharge in Cats | petMD