Get inspired to hit the slopes with this week’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, Para alpine skier Melissa Pemble! After twisting her knee in her very first skiing lesson, Melissa wasn’t sure that skiing was for her - but when her parents coaxed her into trying it again, she fell in love with the sport. She started competing about five years ago and was named to...
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Ever wondered if those plastic gates hurt when you smack them on the way down the hill? Check out this Inside Racing video from Alpine Canada Alpin to get the inside scoop from some of Canada’s alpine and para-alpine ski team members (including 2012 FACE™ athlete Mac Marcoux and 2013 FACE™ athlete Kurt Oatway!)

Inside Ski Racing #8 - DO GATES HURT?

Going fast is one thing, but hitting gates at speeds of over 100 km/h is another! We go behind the scenes to get to know how it feels to take a tight line do...

Today is National Flag Day of Canada! Show your Canadian pride today by taking part in the Share Your Moment with the Flag Challenge! Share a photo or video of yourself with the flag and tag it with #CanadianFlag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Your country! Your flag!

Upbeat music plays throughout the video. The video begins with a close-up shot of a Canadian flag. Fade to black. [On-screen text: Share your moment with the...

Happy Valentine’s Day! When you work out with your significant other, are you hitting the gym, taking a hike … or mastering the art of acro-yoga? #couplegoals
Para alpine skiing trivia! Which of the following is NOT currently a Para alpine skiing event?
A) Downhill
B) Slalom
C) Super-G
D) Super slalom
CBC Sports explores the special relationship between Petro-Canada FACE™ athletes and coaches.

CBC's The Bond presented by Petro-Canada
Get into the weekend groove with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, Cross-Country skier Alexis Dumas! Alexis got involved with the sport at a young age and says that the support of his family and significant other has been essential to his success. He goes on to say: “That said, if I had to pick out my most fanatical supporter, I’d say that my Granny is my...
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Today marks one year until the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games - and to celebrate, we’re having a Pin Giveaway! The giveaway is open for 24 hours, Canadian residents only! Leave a comment below telling us which sport you’re most looking forward to watching in PyeongChang - we’ll pick 50 comments and those folks will get either a Beijing 2008 or a Rio 2016 limited edition Petro-Canada pin!
Cross-country skiing is fun, but it sure can get tiring. Maybe it’s time to start training your dog in the sport of “skijoring”! Skijoring (from a Norwegian word meaning “ski driving”) is when you attach a dog (or horse) to a skier via a harness and the dog helps to pull you along. Would be nice to have some help on those uphill stretches ;) Do you think you could train your dog to pull you on...
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Tiril the samoyed at Norefjell, Norway 2014

A short movie from the first skiing trip for the season to Norefjell, Norway. Shot with GoPro Hero4 Silver. "Carefree" Kevin MacLeod ( Licens...

Cross-country ski trivia! To celebrate Canada’s centennial in 1967, several hundred skiers skied from Montreal to Ottawa. Now an annual event, the Canadian Ski Marathon is the longest (and oldest) Nordic ski tour in North America. How many kilometres is the Canadian Ski Marathon?
A) 80 km
B) 100 km
C) 140 km
D) 160 km
Congratulations to three-time Olympic medalist (and 1988 FACE™ athlete!) Isabelle Charest on being named Team Canada / Équipe Canada’s Chef de Mission for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games!

Charest to lead Team Canada to PyeongChang as Chef de Mission
Fly into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, ski jumper Natasha Bodnarchuk! Natasha tried Ski Jumping for the first time as a nine year old and fell in love with the sport. Now that women’s Ski Jumping is officially an Olympic sport, Natasha is training hard with the ultimate goal of competing at the Olympic Winter Games in 2018. While she...
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Did you know that in 1911, Austrian countess Paula Lamberg set the first world record for women’s ski jumping? She jumped 22 metres - in a skirt! For today’s #TBT, check out this short video about the history of ski jumping.

History of Ski jumping - Did you know in the 1900s women dressed as boys to compete?


True or false: Ski Jumping has been part of every Olympic Winter Games.
Check out this great interview with para-snowboarder and 2016 FACE™ athlete Michelle Salt, where she talks about her journey to becoming a Paralympian and what motivates her to keep working hard. Michelle will be competing in the Big White 2017 World Para Snowboard World Championships later this week - leave a comment to cheer her on!
(cc Canadian Paralympic Team)
The gang's all here!

We're happy to announce that all participants at Fanfit : Canada's Olympic Fitness Challenge will receive free fuel savings cards from Petro-Canada, official national partner of Team Canada. Getting to and from FANFIT just got a little easier.
Speed into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) athlete, short track speed skater Alyson Charles! Alyson says that she’s inspired by the Olympic spirit and that the Olympic athlete who inspires her most is legendary track and field star Jesse Owens. She says “on top of his remarkable athletic exploits, he used the media attention he received to defend his...
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For today’s #TBT, we’re heading back to the Men’s 500m Short Track Speed Skating Final in Vancouver 2010. You may have to watch the slow motion replay more than once to sort out what happens at the end! “Like” if you always tune in to the short track races during the Games.

Men 500M Short Track Speed Skating Final - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games