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Today, in honour of International Persons with Disabilities Day, donate your Petro-Points to help support Canadian Paralympic and Olympic athlete development and we’ll match your donation from now until December 12, 2016! To date, Petro-Points members have donated over 166 million Petro-Points to support Canadian Paralympic and Olympic athletes and coaches. With your generosity, we will...
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Today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, para-snowboarder Michelle Salt, is a woman of action and determination. She says: “I was 26 when I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident that left me as an above the knee amputee. I decided within hours of finding out about my amputation that I wanted to be a Paralympian. My biggest passion was snowboarding, so it only...
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See our Class of 2016 Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) athletes hit the red carpet for this year’s FACE™ Induction Ceremony. #FACESummit2016 / Voyez le groupe d'athlètes de notre du programme Favoriser les athlètes et les entraîneurs à la conquête de l'excellence (FACE(MC)) 2016 foulé le tapis rouge pour la cérémonie d'introduction FACEMC de cette année. #FACESummit2016
Para-snowboard is a relatively new sport - it made its Paralympic debut in Sochi in 2014. Get to know more about the equipment, racing and rules in this video from the Paralympic Games. “Like” if you’re excited to see more para-snowboard at the Paralympic Games in 2018!

Para Snowboard - new Paralympic Winter Sport

Discover what para-snowboard is all about and how the experts define this new Paralympic discipline. Hear athletes explain the sport, equipment and rules.

It's tough to stay healthy during cold and flu season. Be sure to wash your hands frequently, get plenty of sleep and get proper nutrition. What extra measures do you take to stay healthy through the winter?
Snowboard trivia! Which of the following is NOT CURRENTLY a discipline of snowboarding at the Olympic Games?
● Giant slalom
● Half-pipe
● Parallel giant slalom
● Snowboard cross
● Slopestyle
● Parallel slalom
Glide into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday coach, figure skating coach Joanne McLeod, ChPC! Joanne’s athlete, Sarah Tamura, says of Joanne: “Joanne is very special because she is always there for me when I need her. I enjoy working with her because she motivates me to push harder everyday and she always lights up the rink with her smile. That...
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For #TBT today, check out some of these old school figure skating moves from the 1928 Olympic Games in St. Moritz. Figure skating sure has come a long way since then! “Like” if you’ve strapped on your skates at least once so far this fall!

1928 Winter Olympics - St. Moritz Figure Skating_xvid.avi

Last night at the Petro-Canada Associate Retail Conference in Markham, we were thrilled to have Rio 2016 Olympians and Paralympians come and share their experiences with us. Petro-Canada is a proud sponsor of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams. Go Canada Go!
Photo: (left to right) Amy Burk, Goalball, Carline Muir, Athletics (4x100 relay), Victoria Nolan, Rowing, Sandrine Mainville,...
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Today for #WackySportWednesday - pushball! Pushball was invented in 1894 by American engineer Moses Crane - he created the sport as an alternative to football, which he hated. The goal of the game was for one team to push the giant ball over other team’s goal line and it became very popular in the early part of the 20th century before fading out in the mid-1950s. “Like” if you’d give pushball...
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The Best Sport Of The Early 1900s Involved Pushing Around An Elephant-Sized Ball

Figure skating trivia! What early component of figure skating does this image portray?
Power your way into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday coach, NCCP-trained weightlifting coach Clance Laylor! Clance became passionate about the sport of Weightlifting when his daughters took up Weightlifting for fitness and then got serious about the sport. His daughter Maya, 2016 FACE™ athlete, says of her dad as a coach: “He’s special because he...
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For today’s #TBT, we revisiting the final of the women’s Weightlifting event (48kg weight class) in London 2012. The winner, China's Wang Mingjuan, won gold with her final lift of 251 lbs - nearly two and half times her own body weight! Do you incorporate weights into your workout routine?

China's Wang Mingjuan Wins Weightlifting 48kg Gold - London 2012 Olympics

Write a caption for this photo!
Weightlifting trivia! In the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, Weightlifting was divided into two categories. Which two categories were they?
A) Men up to 200lbs and men over 200lbs
B) One-handed lifting and two-handed lifting
C) Bench press and standing
D) Bend and snap
This Remembrance Day, we honour the courage and sacrifice of all of Canada's currently serving armed forces and veterans - some of whom went on to become Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Find out more about veterans who were also Olympians and Paralympians at Veterans.gc.ca

Olympic and Paralympic Games Military Connection - Remembering those who served - Remembrance - Veterans Affairs Canada

As Remembrance Day approaches, we remember that the Paralympic Movement came about as a result of WWII. Dr. Ludwig Guttman tried a bold new approach to improve the health of injured and paralyzed service men and women - sports. Check out this short documentary about Guttman's work at the Stoke Mandeville hospital in England and how the 1948 Stoke Mandeville Games were the first step towards...
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The Mandeville Legacy - Paralympics Documentary

A short documentary about the pioneering techniques of Sir Ludwig Guttmann and the birth of the Paralympic Games in Stoke Mandeville, England. Darren Cliff p...