We’re hitting the trails on skinny skis today with our Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, Biathlon competitor Erin Yungblut! Erin took up cross-country skiing in Grade 9, after years of figure skating and soccer. She loved the sport, but says she found her true passion at 17, when her coach suggested she give biathlon a try - the combination of the physical and...
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The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games are less than a year away and there will be four new sports making their debut at these Games. The first is Snowboard Big Air! Check out this brief intro video about the sport - and “like” if you’re looking forward to seeing Snowboard Big Air events!

Introducing the new Olympic event - Snowboard Big Air

Beginning from the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, you can meet one of the most exciting events, snowboard big air. Learn more about the event with th...

Check out CBC Sports' new feature, The Bond, which profiles the special bond between Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) athletes and their coaches! Today’s video features Canadian Olympic weightlifter and national champion Maya Laylor and her coach - and dad - Clance Laylor. Maya and Clance talk about what it's like to train together and about how Petro-Canada’s FACE™ grant is...
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For Maya Laylor, being coached by dad is like a rollercoaster ride | The Bond

The bond between father and daughter is special thing. But what is it like for Canadian Olympic weightlifter and national champion Maya Laylor to be coached ...

Biathlon trivia! True or false: in the shooting portion of Biathlon, the targets the athletes must hit from the prone position are larger than the targets they must hit from a standing position.
Today is the first official day of spring! What outdoor activities are you most looking forward to doing as the weather warms up?
Fly into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, ski jumper Rogan Reid! Rogan got started with ski jumping at the age of 10, after trying the sport at a multi-sport camp. If he could chose a super power, Rogan says he would choose “Flying - that would make it easier to win at ski jumping!” If you could fly, where would you go first?
For today’s #TBT we’re heading back to the Olympic Games in Calgary, 1988 to relive the story of British ski jumper Eddie the Eagle, who captured the hearts of the crowd despite his last place finish. Were you an Eddie the Eagle fan?

68 Eddie The Eagle Edwards Ski Jump 1

It’s Win-a-Pin Wednesday, where we pick a comment at random in the next 24 hours and that person receives an Olympic or Paralympic pin! Here is today’s question: The Games are constantly evolving and new sports (or variations on existing sports) are added for almost every Games. Which of your favourite sports do you think should be included in upcoming Olympic or Paralympic Games?
Write a caption for this action photo of 2016 FACE™ athlete Maya Laylor and her coach (and dad) Clance Laylor!
True or false: Ski jumpers can reach speeds of up to 95km/h before they fly off the jump.
Today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete is Para Ice Hockey player Antoine Lehoux. Antoine discovered the sport in 2013, a few months after losing his leg in a bus accident - three years later, he is part of Canada’s National Para Ice Hockey team! Antoine says that his favourite place in Canada is the Côte-Nord area of Quebec, “because that’s where we have our...
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Today marks one year until the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games - and we’re having a Pin Giveaway to celebrate! The giveaway is open for 24 hours, Canadian residents only! Leave a comment below telling us which Paralympic sport you’re most looking forward to watching in PyeongChang - we’ll pick 50 comments and those folks will get either a Beijing 2008 or a Rio 2016 limited edition...
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Ever wonder what it’s like to hit the ice in an ice hockey sledge? Check out this video of the CBC’s intrepid reporter Rick Mercer scrimmaging with the Canada’s Sledge Hockey team, right before they left for the Paralympic Games in Torino 2006. Spoiler alert: they brought home the gold for Canada! “Like” if you’d give Sledge Hockey (a.k.a. Para Ice Hockey) a try.

RMR: Rick and Sledge Hockey

Canada's Sledge Hockey Team. (originally aired: March 14, 2006)

In honour of International Women’s Day, check out this great CBC archive of stories and video interviews with some of Canada’s greatest female athletes. Who is your favourite female athlete of all time? Let us know in the comments!

Fair Game: Pioneering Canadian Women in Sports - CBC Archives

True or false: last year, the International Paralympic Committee officially changed the name of the sport of Sledge Hockey to “Para Ice Hockey”.
Fly into the weekend with today’s Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) Friday athlete, Brenden Kelly, who competes in Freestyle Skiing (Moguls)! Brenden started skiing at age three and by age 11, he had to make a choice - to pursue alpine skiing or moguls. Already a big fan of jumps, Brenden chose moguls and the rest is history. When he’s not training or competing all over the...
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Guess the Sport!
Freestyle Skiing trivia! The term “mogul” is derived from the ________ word “mugel”, meaning small hill or mound.
A) Norwegian
B) Bavarian
C) Swedish
D) French
Kick the week off with CBC Sports’ new feature, The Bond, which profiles the special bond between Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE™) athletes and their coaches. This video features cross country skier Annika Richardson and her coach, Timo Puiras, talking about their athlete/coach relationship and how the Petro-Canada FACE™ program has impacted them. See more about how the FACE™...
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Annika Richardson | The Bond | CBC Sports