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It takes less than 30 seconds to help give a voice to the voiceless and protect the endangered golden lion tamarin. Sign our petition for a wildlife bridge over a highway that runs through their natural habitat!
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We're celebrating Motuba all weekend long! Visit PECO Primate Reserve this weekend to wish Motuba a 'Happy Birthday' and meet the other members of our gorilla troop!
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Happy 4th birthday to Bhalu, Philadelphia Zoo's male sloth bear! Bhalu, and exhibit mate, Kayla celebrated his special day with some delicious treats - blueberries, honey, a special cake and of course, mealworms! Visit Bhalu this weekend!
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Male western lowland gorilla, Motuba, turns 32 on Monday but we're celebrating his birthday early! Visit Motuba to wish him a 'Happy Birthday'!
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Happy Penguin Awareness Day! When you visit the Zoo you may notice the bands around our penguin's flippers. Each band color helps identify an individual penguin. Male penguins have bands on their right flipper and females have bands on the left. Learn more about our Humboldt penguins!
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Philadelphia Zoo's Amphibian Conservation Biologist, Dr. Carlos MartΓ­nez Rivera, is back in Haiti surveying the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew last October. Follow along with our Frog Blog to learn more about his work with Haiti's affected amphibian populations!

Frog Blog - Philadelphia Zoo
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We started the weekend a bit early with a birthday bash for Motuba, Philadelphia Zoo's male western lowland gorilla! Visit Motuba and his troop mates this weekend to celebrate his big day!
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Help protect the golden lion tamarin by signing our petition for a wildlife bridge over a highway that runs through their natural habitat! Your signature will give a voice to the voiceless and safeguard the survival of this endangered species. Sign and share now!
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A beautiful photo of our sailfin dragon, snapped by Reptile and Amphibian Curator, Jason! Thanks for the great pic!
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Discovery awaits! Become a Philadelphia Zoo member today!

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A simple signature on our online petition can help protect the endangered golden lion tamarin. Sign now to show your support for a wildlife bridge over a hazardous highway that runs through their natural habitat!
Warm up this weekend at our many indoor exhibits like Reptile and Amphibian House and meet amazing creatures like our panther chameleons!
A beautiful moment between Honi and her daughter, Amani.
It takes less than 30 seconds to help protect the endangered golden lion tamarin! Your quick signature will champion the construction of a much-needed wildlife bridge over a hazardous Brazilian highway through this primate's natural habitat.
Our newborn aye-aye, Damien, is getting more inquisitive each day. Keeper Desiree quickly snapped this terrific photo of Damien peaking out of his nest box. Thanks for sharing!
Take a break from the school work and embrace the winter season with Philadelphia Zoo! Now through February 28, school groups can visit the Zoo and pay only $5 per student if reservations are made by January 15! Email to reserve your trip today.
Philadelphia Zoo is saddened to announce that AJ, our beloved male aardvark passed away due to age-related heart failure. AJ was 28 years old and the oldest aardvark in the United States. AJ will be remembered for his love of back rubs and his selective palate – although aardvarks are insect eaters, AJ preferred ants and termites over crickets and mealworms. He will be greatly missed by guests...
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Take advantage of Philadelphia Zoo’s $5 student saver discounts! Now through February 28, school groups can embrace the wintry season with the Zoo for as little as $5 per student. Email by January 15 to receive this special offer and reserve your trip!
Courier-Post stopped by Philadelphia Zoo to meet adorable infant gorilla Amani. Check out the video of this precious baby girl!

Watch: Baby gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo
Thanks, Brian, for sharing this great video of Coldilocks enjoying the snow day at the Zoo! #PolarBearSnowAngels