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The Philips Smart Air Purifier can monitor the air quality of your room. When it's blue, just relax and enjoy a fresh-air environment!
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Did you know honey contains lots of antioxidants? It can be a healthy alternative to sugar.

Shake up a banana and honey milkshake
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There’s a science to healthy living. Discover the Wake-up Light and find out how its sunrise simulation and natural sounds help you start your day more energized, and in a better mood.
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Who’s for homemade Thai fishcakes?
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Who's making you feel the love this Valentine’s Day?
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Did you know, chili is rich in Vitamin B6 which can help your body store more energy from protein in your meals?

Spice up a red lentil soup with a chili kick
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Getting regular exercise to aid a health condition? The Philips Health Watch is a great way to keep your body on track and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
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Ricotta balls, coated in crispy breadcrumbs
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Philips expects further consumerization of health in 2017.

Documenting your health data in a cloud environment
02/01/2017. Facebook
Hospitals with robots and teleports. Here’s what the future of health looks like in the eyes of the next generation: [ Link ]
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Did you know?
01/28/2017. Facebook
It’s the Chinese year of the rooster, but did you know we share more than half our genes with these birds?

Start the new year with some facts about our amazing genetics
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Could these kids live to 200? See their pictures of the future here: [ Link ]
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Get out of bed as quickly as you got in with help from the Philips Wake-up Light.

Rise and shine with Philips Wake-up Light
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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing and it’s thought that 15-20% of all motor vehicle crashes are sleep-related.

Discover how Philips is helping Tokyo’s roads become safer
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These kids ideas on the future of health will impress you. [ Link ]
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Younger in years but big in ideas.
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Today is Blue Monday – the saddest day of the year. But don’t get the tissues out just yet, Philips EnergyUp light uses blue light to quickly boost your mood and energy.
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Did you know, peas are an excellent source of folic acid which helps your body make lots of healthy red blood cells?

Green pea soup is the perfect quick and easy meal
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Tokyo is the city that sleeps the least in the entire world, but for Shinobu, sleeping has just become an easier part of each day

Helping a taxi driver get a better sleep for safer journeys