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Why does Gordon Ramsay insist on cooking with the Philips Airfryer? It’s the only one that delivers tastier, healthier, chef-worthy results!

Philips Home Living

Why does Gordon Ramsay insist on cooking with the Philips Airfryer? It's the only one that delivers tastier, healthier, chef-worthy results!

Philips Home Living

Add some cajun spices to your Airfryer chips for a cracker of a side dish on Bonfire Night!
Spend less time ironing with PerfectCare Elite, everyone needs one of these steam generator irons
We are live with mum of 13, Tania Sullivan! See how the new Philips Perfect Care Elite Silence can save you time ironing.
How much time do you spend ironing? Watch our Facebook Live with mum of 13, Tania Sullivan, at 3pm to see how much time you could save with the new Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence!
Maximum goodness, minimum cleaning. The Micro Juicer squeezes up to 90% of the fruit for a perfect juice. [ Philips.to Link ]
A clear or fibre-rich juice? The new Avance Centrifugal juicer can do both. Learn more: [ Philips.to Link ]
Looking for a healthy post-workout meal? Try pork satay with peanut sauce to kick-start your recovery! Find the Airfryer recipe here: [ Philips.to Link ]

Discover the Airfryer recipe here

Chef Gordon Ramsay has created a delicious Tiger Shrimp recipe, but instead of broiling or pan searing with extra fat, he's cooking with air in the Philips Airfryer! Watch these easy steps to prepare a healthy dinner, and see the full video here: [ Philips.to Link ]
With a family and busy schedule, chef Gordon Ramsay uses the Philips Airfryer to create quality dishes in a matter of minutes. Cook smarter and healthier when you fry with air. What are your tips for creating healthy meals on a busy schedule?
Give your day a bright start: Juice a small beet with five carrots, an apple and some fresh mint. You’re welcome!
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More than 33% of Brits are in need of better cleaning solutions to rid their home of dust. The new Philips anti-allergen range helps you to manage the level of allergy triggers in your home #HomeTruths
Protect your family from harmful allergens with the Philips Expert Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. The Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 filter captures at least 99% of dust, helping you to manage a clean and allergen-free home. Find out more: [ Philips.to Link ] #HomeTruths
There’s nothing better than a cooling, refreshing juice in the summer! What are your favourite juice recipes?
38% of Brits never consider the cleanliness of the air in their homes. Do you think about the quality of air inside your home? #HomeTruths
Make your home a healthy one with the Philips Performer Active Vacuum Cleaner. Its allergy filter helps to capture 99% of fine dust, all with class A energy efficiency. #HomeTruths
Say bye-bye to those dust mites! The Philips Mite Cleaner removes dust and mites easily and effectively. It even reduces allergens, for an allergy friendly home. #HomeTruths