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The PerfectCare Elite saved The Ana Mum Diary 40 minutes of ironing time so she could enjoy reading her favourite book. What book would you love to read if you had more time? #GiftOfTime
Philips Home Living
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Do you or your mum deserve some me-time? Tell us why for the chance to win a PerfectCare Elite and a £1000 John Lewis voucher! Terms and conditions: [ Link ] #GiftOfTime
Philips Home Living
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Thanks to the PerfectCare Elite, Father of Daughters used his 40 minutes saved ironing time to enjoy a peaceful bike ride! How would you spend your #GiftOfTime
Thanks to the PerfectCare Elite, Honest Mum enjoyed some well-deserved pampering with her #GiftOfTime. How would you spend your saved ironing time?
We are LIVE from John Lewis with Honest Mum. Tune in to see how you can save time with the PerfectCare Elite. #GiftOfTime
Discover how you can save 40 minutes ironing time a week. Don’t miss our Facebook Live with Honest Mum on Monday 13th March at 11am #GiftOfTime
With the PerfectCare Elite, you can save 40 minutes ironing time a week, meaning more me-time, or more time with your family. What would you do with your #GiftOfTime?
Enjoy delicious juices without the mess. Our QuickClean technology means you can clean your Philips juicer in just 1 minute: [ Link ] #HealthyHabitSwap
This awards season, you can go from ironing your jeans to your favourite floor-length dress with the Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence, without changing a thing!
Feeling tired? Spinach is packed with iron, which is great for reducing tiredness. Try adding a handful in your juice this week! #HealthyHabitSwap
Try the #HealthyHabitSwap with the Philips Centrifugal Juicer! You can choose your own juice texture with the switch of a button for extra fibre if you like [ Link ]

Centrifugal and masticating juicers | Philips
#DidYouKnow that if you’re in a rush and need your washing load to dry faster, you can toss in a dry fluffy towel for 15/20 minutes? It helps to absorb moisture and speeds up the drying time!
Have you tried the #HealthyHabitSwap yet? Tell us what you're swapping in favour of a delicious juice.
Want to stop your favourite black jeans from fading? Try adding two cups of brewed coffee or tea to the rinse cycle to keep them looking brand new! #HouseHacks
This half term, spend more time with the kids and less time ironing thanks to our PerfectCare Elite Silence Steam generator iron. Its high performance steam means you can power through your ironing, so you have more time on your hands! [ Link ]
Packed with iron and Vitamin C, this tasty green The Lean Machines juice is the ultimate 'Glow Getter'! #HealthyHabitSwap
Got plans for Valentine's Day but don't have time to iron? The Style Touch Pure will have you date-ready in seconds.
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Winter mornings are easier (and more delicious) with The Lean Machines. Go on, 'Get Up And Go'! #HealthyHabitSwap
Bad habits can be hard to kick. Replacing chocolate with a refreshing juice is a tasty way to kick the habit and get more fruit and fibre into your day! #HealthyHabitSwap