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Our Philips Bluetooth® NFC Wireless portable speakers come in colors that match any style. Check out the full range here: [ Link ]
Philips Sound
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Combining style and sound, you'll look effortlessly cool with Philips Ultrlite headphones. Find out more: [ Link ]
Philips Sound
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Watch a movie whilst fully immersed in cinematic sound coming from all sides. Even from above you. More details on the #FidelioB8 #SkyQuake: [ Link ]
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Immerse yourself in cinematic sound with digital wiresless connectivity. The new Philips Home wireless headphones provide you with total freedom for the ultimate personal home entertainment. More details here: [ Link ]
Philips Sound
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Minimalism in design and simplicity in function – the Philips izzy Wireless multiroom speaker BM5 sounds too good to be true. But we swear it's a reality …. ;-) [ Link ]
Enjoy the warmth of family and the indoors with the Philips izzy BM5. Check our the full Philips izzy-range here: [ Link ]
What makes you most excited about Fidelio X2HR? Its Hi-Res Audio, comfortable style or the material quality? [ Link ]
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's day! A nice way to touch your lover's heart is through sound . Are you ready for your date night?
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No room for multiple speakers? Submerge yourself in great sound and comfort at your home. Learn more about the #FidelioB1:[ Link ]
Which artist will dominate at the #Grammys2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Wired or wireless? Will you choose wired headphones or a Bluetooth connection for wireless freedom? Find out more: [ Link ]
Sometimes songs express the words our hearts just can’t explain. Which songs do that for you? #TBT
Comfort is the key with headphones that bring you closer than ever to a live recording. Check out more about the Fidelio X2HR headphones: [ Link ]
Philips Hyprlite in-ear headphones are so light, you'll hardly feel them. Which colour would you choose? Shop now: [ Link ]
Experience a home cinema that feels like home. #ZenitCinema is designed to fit in your home.
Which style do you prefer? Black cloth with aluminum top or Grey Cloth with wooden top?
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With cinematic sound quality, you'll be fully immersed in the music! Learn more about the new Philips Home wireless headphones here: [ Link ]
Small size, incredible sound. Bring the Philips Wireless portable speaker home and see how the powerful 360° sound can surprise you. #BT6600
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Philips HX1 headphones: advanced technology meets expressive design. [ Link ]
Find out why #FidelioB5 beat out the rest to become the no.1 best soundbar of 2016 according to Techradar.[ Link ]
Descubre por qué el observatorio de tecnologías Techradar eligió #FidelioB5 como la mejor barra de sonido de 2016.
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