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Sweet, salty or buttered? It's Popcorn Day and we think it's best honored with a good movie!
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Our TVs are designed to match your stylish interior.

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Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Time to snuggle up in front of your Philips TV and battle the blues with a good comedy!
Quite a view, right? Our 4K OLED TV complements every interior.
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"Our TVs aren’t just TVs, they are lifestyle objects”, Rod White, Chief Designer at Philips TV.

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Looking for a nice way boost up coziness during cold winter days?

Search for "Fireplace for Your Home"on Netflix and enjoy an hour-long crackling log fire coming to life thanks to #Ambilight

Caution: Not a reliable source of heat.
Happy New Year from the Philips TV team!
Pitch black is the new black, with our 4K OLED TV with #Ambilight.

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Happy Holidays, everyone! We hope a big #Ambilight TV was waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree!
What's your all-time favorite Christmas movie?
Our 7601 series TV keeps on getting recognition for its great specs at an amazing prize! We integrated full-array local dimming which gives you perfect contrast and makes this TV great for watching HDR content.

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You'll never look at Christmas lights the same way again after watching Stranger Things! Catch up on all episodes on Netflix with your Philips TV.
What do you prefer watching: series or films?
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We want your vote: where do you prefer to watch your favorite TV shows?

Of course, we <3 the big screen a TV has to offer! But with your Philips Android TV you don't have to choose - you can switch seamlessly between devices thanks to Google Cast and apps like Netflix.
"I'll just watch one episode tonight."
Four hours later...

Ran out of episodes and looking for something new? Check out The Crown on Netflix.
"This is undoubtedly one of the best-performing flat screens I’ve seen from Philips for a long time."

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Philips 65PUS7601 review - Televisions
Games like Forza Motorsport from Xbox come alive with Ambilight. Colors flow out of the screen and into your room to fully immerse you into the game. Learn all about #ambilight here:
Gilmore Girls is back! Watch all new episodes now on Netflix with your Philips TV.
It's Movember, the month of beards and moustaches. Can you recall your favorite movie moustache? Let us know in the comments which one it is or better yet show us what yours looks like!

20 Undeniably Awesome Moustaches in Movies