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Love when my monthly Shipment arrives @unutrition #PhilHeath #MrOlympia #6xMrO #OffSeasonGains
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I sure am hungry lol. #Repost @jmacglobal
Mood after hanging with #RonaldMcDonald & some of Houston's finest youth at the #McDonalds #CultureClub #BMOA #BoxPopUpShop this am!

#htx #jmaclovesthekids
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Make sure you finish the weekend strong...unlike this poor soul lol.
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When your meal screams, "get these gain mawfawka!" Gotta get these calories in so I can destroy more weights today. #PhilHeath #MrOlympia #Philknows #BigMeals #SpinichBuffaloOmelette #SideOfPotatoes
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Time for a good ol' cheat meal prepared by @shurieeeee. She knows I enjoy a tasty burger (Samuel L Jackson Voice) so since I've been good on my diet, I get one haha. Here's to all of my fans who LOVE BURGERS HAHA! #Philknows #BigKahunaBurger #RoyalWitCheese #MayITakeASipOfDisDrinkToWashDisDown
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Looking forward to seeing you all at the #ArnoldClassicColumbus next week!!! #Repost @unutrition
Come see us at The Arnold! March 3-5. Booth 1045
@mrolympia08 @philheath

@arnoldsports @arnold2017 @greatercolumbusconventioncenter @bodybuilding @sportsnutrition @protein @gymlife @beastmode
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Life can be a real bitch! We all have been hit with unforeseen bullshit! We can let those issues control us or we simply say...F#*K THAT!!!! I personally choose to leave my pain, anger and problems with the weights! The Gym is my anchor and it's what keeps me grounded. It's MY TIME to become a better version of myself. Whatever you're going through right now that has you questioning your...
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02/22/2017 at 15:30. Facebook
Of course @shurieeeee is my #WCW but more like my woman who slays daily! Miss you baby. I'll be home soon. #MyWoman #SheSlaysDaily #DidIJustCreateANewHashtag ???? #YepISureDid
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During my recent travels I've been taking these two supplements as they have both assisted me with training intensity, provided a massive pump, but more importantly recovery with reducing lactic acid buildup. While focusing on your heavy resistance training, you've gotta also keep in mind as to what is going to help you get back to peak performance tomorrow for another crazy workout....
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Man I just can't lol!!! #CanIGetBadAndBoujeeFoOneHunnidAlex#Repost @jmacglobal
#AlexTrebek with the flow!
#themostinterestingmanonradio #pandapandapanda #lifeofdesiigner
#jeapordy #thuglife
#Repost @repre23nt
Happy 54th Birthday to one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball.
6-time Champion
6-time Finals MVP
5-time NBA MVP
14-time NBA ALL STAR
10-time ALL-NBA First Team
9-time All Defensive First Team
Scored 32,292 Career Points
Also saved the galaxy by defating the Monstars.
My current pre-workout and intra-workout protocol. 3 scoops of @unutrition HorsePowerX and 2 scoops during your workout of CreaMax and drink 64oz of water if possible throughout the 1-2hr workout to ensure absorption and delivery to your muscles. Been doing this for last few workouts and have seen changes in energy and stamina throughout the entire workout. It's not always about that initial...
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Have a question for me? Ask it! One of the perks of being a Gifted Channel subscriber is the weekly Q&A where I answer your questions. Join in yourself, and get instant access to over 35 hours of content! ONLY at #PhilHeath #MrOlympia
Happy Valentines to everyone!!!! @shurieeeee has the fruit bowl and I have the lemon cake haha. I think mine is better lol.
Hey All. With the Arnold Classic coming up, I have again had the great pleasure working with our amazing friends with The Make It Fit Foundation, in conducting another charity benefiting children with autism. It will be our 5th year and we are expecting to make it bigger and better than years past. Be sure to check out my twitter and Facebook for additional details. Thanks for your support! ‪...
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Up to no good lol. #Repost @maddhatta979
Catching the ol dog doin' wrong. Hit'em wit da "Hey."
Amazing! Denzel always seems to know what to say.
Well...Since a ton of people are training arms this week, I figured I'd share with you something I have been applying to my workouts. I've been fortunate to work with @fatgripz for a few years and I will say that I have made some great gains. Whether you believe me or not, take a look at the video, watch the fibers within the muscle contract. More activation leads to greater gains. #PhilHeath...
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2017 is starting to look even better with this new HydroCool from Ultimate Nutrition. Be sure to check them out at @unutrition all year long as they're unleashing new products for new new new gains this year! #PhilHeath #MrOlympia #ultimatenutrition #HydroCool #33gramsOfProteinGreatness #Philknows #WinnersCircle