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With the mighty Anthony Van Laast who choreographed #BeautyAndTheBeast .. but more challenging than that.. my 20 steps in Joseph all those years ago
Phillip Schofield
02/21/2017 at 17:03. Facebook
This is going to be so much fun, so happy we're doing it again
Phillip Schofield
02/21/2017 at 13:18. Facebook
'The Knights Of Music' returns in April with another UK Tour. Great songs and a fantastic cast. All hosted by.... Phillip Schofield #Knights #Dames

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall Edinburgh Playhouse Newcastle City Hall New Wimbledon Theatre

Phillip Schofield
02/20/2017 at 16:44. Facebook
Can’t wait to return with The Knights Of Music tour again this year!

New venues and surprises in store…
Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle & London
27-30th April
It's not an instruction manual you need for this… it's about 40 years’ practice! See if my 3Doodler dabbling inspires a bit of creativity in you... (and this is definitely not an ad, it was SUPPOSED to be fun!?!)
In the kitchen with Jamie Oliver in his new restaurant #barbecoapiccadilly
22 y/o Samuel Carvalho came on This Morning last week to talk about his serious and life changing, unexplained, collapses. Sadly he's back in hospital after another. He's desperately trying to raise funds to professionally get his assist dog trained. And to make his flat safer if he falls. He and his 18 y/o girlfriend and carer Ashleigh are at breaking point. I know how lovely you can be [...
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As promised, have been playing with more gadgets (all bought and paid for and just for fun!) and this is the latest vid. Question is, will the Fitbit (and my bits!) get the better of me?!
One more day to go [ Link ]
Playing with more gadgets! Nearly jumped out of my skin with these!! I'll post the vid on here soon
He's 2 inches tall but mighty in spirit
Coming to ITV later this year... #5GoldRings!

5 Gold Rings
Uninvited guest on This Morning
My South African Tourism UK shark encounter is on This Morning today
When you give your 80 year old mother a wingwalk for Christmas!!