Phillip Schofield
03/22/2017 at 10:45. Facebook
Quick! Download the #5GoldRings app and play along with me at 7 tonight (the bigger the tablet, the easier it is! ) see if you can get your name on the telly
Will there be finger prints on your telly? Tonight at 7 on ITV
"All round to Mrs Brown's" in Glasgow ... with my mum.. in her words "Best day ever". She's such a fan and they couldn't have made her feel more special
Tonight at 6.40 on ITV "Put the ring down Dave.. PUT THE RING DOWN!"
Will there be finger prints on your telly when #5GoldRings returns Sunday at 6.45 on @ITV??!
Thank you Dr William Fowlds for a remarkable experience, and for the incredible work you and your team do to save these incredible creatures South African Tourism UK
Giving a Rhino a shot of antibiotics... as you do! The last of my African adventures is tonight at 8 ITV
VR… wanted to try this for a long time! Please do not laugh!! Also, this is not an ad… all for fun - and your amusement!
After the horrific killing of the Rhino in the Paris zoo, my final South African Adventure prog is very timely. I fit a tracker on a Rhino to try to keep her safe ... and there's a lovely surprise ITV at 8 tonight... South African Tourism UK
I was the only one to accept the 10 shot challenge
2nd part of my African Adventure is tonight at 8 on ITV ... quite a bit of wine AND the highest abseil in the world .. that's me on the right
This is going to be a lot of fun Holly Willoughby, This Morning!! Our first ever This Morning Live in May… here’s the #ad with all the #TMLive details...
Got this shot with the GoPro on my arm I'm with the South African Great Whites at 8 tonight on ITV ????