He's 2 inches tall but mighty in spirit
Coming to ITV later this year... #5GoldRings!

5 Gold Rings

Uninvited guest on This Morning
My South African Tourism UK shark encounter is on This Morning today
When you give your 80 year old mother a wingwalk for Christmas!!
This is quite extraordinary so just had to share some more festive gadget action. Hey it's Christmas right.. guys don't need instructions.. Again, this is absolutely just for fun, I am not endorsing the eggy tube!!
A brilliant champers to impress your friends… and there’s no way they’ll guess the price [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thought you might be amused to see what happened when my wife went out and left me alone with Alexa! Obviously I don't need instructions, right?! By the way, this is just for fun, no affiliation! I give you... Schofe vs Alexa
"I think I'll light that old wood burner"
A great Chianti… I give a bottle of this to my This Morning editor just to get on his good side [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lennox Lewis tonight on the All Star Mr & Mrs Chrimbo special tonight at 7 ... thought he'd crushed my fingers when he shook my hand
Always waving the flag for English fizz And this one is gorgeous… some of my favourite notes. Definitely one for the stocking [ Bit.ly Link ]
3 year old YouTuber Noel Hopkins has left the building! (YT channel is Laurahopkins)
I’m often asked on Twitter (@SchofeOnWine!) what I drink on the weekends…. usually this one [ Bit.ly Link ]
As well as the documentary tonight, I'm also raising money for DofE through my Diamond Challenge wing-walk [ Justgiving.com Link ]

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