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Philosophy Now
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Philosophy Now
01/13/2017 at 22:52. Facebook
The excellent London School of Philosophy are holding their annual open evening tomorrow (Saturday). If you are an adult learner looking for a philosophy course in London you should definitely check out the wide range of courses they have to offer.
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London School of Philosophy Open Evening

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Philosophy Now
01/11/2017 at 12:05. Facebook
Competition time on Instagram. For a chance to win a one year subscription to Philosophy Now all you need to do is show us where you are reading the magazine. Get imaginative! Maybe you're reading it whilst on a speedboat in the Bahamas, or maybe you are sharing the philosophy love with your pet. Whatever it is, we want to see! To enter, just insta your pic and use the hashtag #pncompetition....
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Philosophy Now
01/11/2017 at 11:05. Facebook
The beautiful and the sublime, brought to you by existential comics

The Beautiful and the Sublime

We are sad to report that Warren Allen Smith, humanist, Bertrand Russell scholar, gay rights activist, author of "Who's Who in Hell" and much loved New York character, passed away in his sleep on 8 Jan aged 95.
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Who's Who In Hell CNN Interview

Warren Allen Smith is being interviewed by CNN's Jeanne Moos regarding his book "Who's Who In Hell" http://www.amazon.com/Whos-Who-Hell-International-Freethi...

Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist and postmarxist philosopher of postmodernity, died on 9th January in Leeds, England. [ Bbc.co.uk Link ]
We're delighted that editor Grant Bartley will be taking part in such a big conference. Bartley will be giving a talk on "The purposes of Suffering", a fiercely debated topic in Christian philosophy.

Christian Philosophy Conference

2016 was an important year in the fields of philosophy. As the year draws to a close, the OUP Philosophy team takes a moment to reflect.

Philosophy in 2016: a year in review [timeline] | OUPblog

Take a closer look at Berkeley's idealism in our current issue on Metaphysics.

Berkeley’s Suitcase | Issue 117 | Philosophy Now

In our current issue Peter Adamson tries to get to the bottom of one of the broadest branches of philosophy.

What is Metaphysics Anyway? | Issue 117 | Philosophy Now

Sadly, Derek Parfit passed away on January 1st. Parfit was a British philosopher who specialised in problems of personal identity, rationality and ethics. His book 'Reasons and Persons' has been very influential in moral philosophy and will continue to be for many years to come.
The ideal last-minute Christmas gift: a Philosophy Now subscription. Our online store will automatically email your greeting when you buy. [ Philosophynow.org Link ]
A few years ago in Philosophy Now, Bill Welton kindly provided some new, philosophy-related lyrics for some of the best-loved Christmas carols. Why not try them this year? [ Philosophynow.org Link ]
Merry Christmas from the team!
"We tend to start questioning our existence when we are in crisis or have suffered great loss. Philosophy can help us feel connected."

Kirby argues that by talking to others, and opening up about our problems in existential counselling, we can feel less isolated and more connected.

Philosophy For The Brave | Issue 117 | Philosophy Now

In our current issue David Volodzko interviews one of the leading lights of New Confucianism and asks him how it is relevant today.

Tu Weiming | Issue 117 | Philosophy Now

With reports that anxiety is on the increase, could a return to stoicism be the answer?

A 2,300-year-old philosophy is being re-branded to fix modern life

We think Schopenhauer makes a good Scrooge. We also think a subscription to Philosophy Now is a great idea for a Christmas present! Perfect for all those curious minds out there.

Shop | Philosophy Now

"If mind is matter in the form of brains, then equally, matter in the form of brains, is mind." Jon David looks at consciousness, right down to the consciousness of rocks.

The Private Lives Of Rocks | Issue 117 | Philosophy Now