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We're running an opinion poll on free will and determinism. Are we free? Are our actions preordained by cause and effect? Or both? Or neither? Vote now! [ Link ]

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For those of you who think that philosophy doesn't deal with real world problems...

Cake or biscuit? Why Jaffa Cakes excite philosophers - BBC News
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“The tougher things are, the more you have to be afraid of, the more dangerous your situation, the less you can afford the time or effort to think about what things might be like for people with whom you do not immediately identify.” - Richard Rorty

In our current issue Patrícia Fernandes looks at Rorty’s idea for promoting human rights.

Richard Rorty On Rights | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
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In our current issue Hamid Andishan looks at Sartre's conflicting views on human rights.

I Hate You, My Lovely France! | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
Plato considered love the greatest of all subjects. But modern philosophy has seen discourse on love fall largely by the wayside. Taking place in Hay-on-Wye on April 29-20th, this new Institute of Art and Ideas event (in association with Philosophy Now) dissects the philosophy of love in the time of Tinder. The event will feature a impressive line-up of philosophers and experts on love,...
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Are human rights really universal? Or are they a presentation of Western ideology?

Hens, Ducks, & Human Rights In China | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
An amazing marathon of debate held in Brooklyn last month. They tackled not only Trump and politics, but also consciousness and morality.

One night in Brooklyn: truth and philosophy in the age of Trump
No plans for Valentine's Day? That's OK! Because editor Grant Bartley will be giving a talk at The Barnes Philosophy Club on 'Descartes and the origins of modern philosophy'. Lovey dovey stuff or Descartes? There's no competition really.

The Barnes Philosophy Club, Barnes, London UK, SW13
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Also from our current issue: Stefán Snævarr explores Derek Parfit’s ideas about the self, and how they might apply to the complex personalities of David Bowie.

“Will the real Mr Bowie please stand up?” | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
Philosophy Now's new issue on Human Rights arriving at the WHS news-stand at Marylebone Station in London.
Camus tackling a meaningful life, brought to you by Existential Comics

Albert Camus, Existential Agent
The issue of human rights will always be relevant, but it may seem even more so now, in view of current events. To read more on what human rights are, what they should be and how they might change in the future, take a look at our current issue. Subscribe for unrestricted access.

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According to a survey conducted in 2012 by the Internet Society, 83% of the more than 10,000 respondents from twenty different countries agreed that ‘Access to the internet should be considered a basic human right’. So, should it?

Is There A Human Right To Internet Access? | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
Given the controversy in the last 24 hours about Trump's comments on torture, it is fitting that our current issue on Human Rights includes an excellently argued piece by a former US Army officer, Ian Fishback, on why in practice torture can never be justified.

The Absolute In-Practice Human Right Against Torture | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now
"Within a system which denies the existence of basic human rights, fear tends to be the order of the day." - Aung San Suu Kyi

Current issue on #HumanRights
The Insitute of Art and Ideas post philosophy videos each week on a different theme. On their site you can find a range of videos from the subject of women's rights to theories of perception. This video looks at the problem of evil.

Dancing With The Devil
From our latest issue, Tim Dare looks at the nature of human rights and whether 'human rights inflation' should be something to worry about.

What Are Human Rights? | Issue 118 | Philosophy Now