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STORYTELLERS: Documentary Photography Contest
REVIEW Shooting Review: Fujifilm GFX System at bigheadtaco youtube. Some considerations out of his 50 minutes long video: EVF is laggy in dark conditions [EVF refresh rate of GFX is 50 fps] EVF sticks out, which is great, since your…

Fujifilm GFX Shooting Review :: GFX Profoto and Miltiblitz Support :: Full Size and ISO 4000 Samples - Fuji Rumors

Inspiring the world through photos.
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Inspiring the world through photos.
DPreview interviewed well known Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida, Makoto Oishi and Shinichiro Udono. The focus of the interview is on the GFX, but they also talk about the APS-C line, the MK Cine Lenses, and the new X100F. And one…

Fujifilm Manager: "Next Generation APS-C Sensor Will Still be X-Trans. Mirrorless Will Maybe Beat DSLR's In Every Aspect With Next Processor/Sensor Generation" - Fuji Rumors
Developing your own 35mm or 120 film at home almost always requires a darkroom, but LAB-BOX wants to change all that. The new 'multi-format daylight-loadin

LAB-BOX Lets You Develop Your Film at Home Without a Darkroom
One of the most important people in photo history.

The Story of Oskar Barnack, Inventor of the Original Leica
This new collection of backpacks feature interchangeable, modular dividers that can be folded up or pulled out completely to make room for personal items.

Object of Desire: Manfrotto Windsor Collection
If you always dreamed of a monochrome Fujifilm, then this might interest you. The company Maxmax is converting th X-Pro1 and X100S to Monochrome cameras. X-Pro1 M = $2,425 X100 M = $2,600 You can download sample images and RAW…

Monochrome Fujifilm X-Pro1 M and X100S M Available - Converted by Maxmax - Fuji Rumors

Photo by Vadim Stein

Inspiring the world through photos
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Why high rate price? Read about hand made photography peace of desire.
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The World's Most Creative and Inspiring Photo Adventure Vacations
Where is the best destination for Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
Leica's latest rangefinder dispenses with the last-generation 'Typ' naming convention and goes back to its M-series roots. The M10 is slimmed down, sped up, and after using one for a few days, we like it. Read more

The M U want: Leica M10 First Impressions Review and Samples

It's a tough day at the offcie. Photographed while exploring the streets of New York City!

The World's Most Creative and Inspiring Photo Adventure Vacations

Namibia has the world’s most spectacular and varied desert landscapes. Nowhere else do you see families of desert elephant moving silently through desolate, beautiful valleys in search of life-giving oases. No other desert has a Skeleton Coast where the great Atlantic Ocean waves pound a burning shore littered with shipwrecks, often shrouded in fog where only giant...
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Inspiring the world through photos.
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