Photograph by Patrick Brown, on The River Thames, England. Welcome to 2017.
“We had the protection of the skies above us.” — a refugee remembers Syria, as told to photojournalist Tasneem Alsultan. —via Everyday Middle East
A team of street athletes known as Bar Palestine photographed by Hosam Salem, during a Rawiya Photos workshop in Gaza.
Image by Camille Lepage, installed by the Dysturb team. Learn more about Dysturb's global campaign to bring photojournalism to public spaces around the world: [ Link ]
Photograph from Romania by Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi.
Live: TIME LightBox at Photoville
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 Getty Images Instagram grant. Girma Berta, Ronny Sen, and Christian Rodriguez were awarded grants to support their projects in Ethiopia, India, and Nicaragua. The grant jury also recognized the work of Ako Salemi, Andrew Quilty, and @Daro Sulakauri. The work of all six photographers will be on display at Photoville at the Brooklyn Bridge Park from...
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Photograph by David Guttenfelder — via Visa Pour l'Image-Perpignan.
“Photography is what brought me out of my shell; it was how I was first able to connect with people again. I believe that every human is equal and amazing and I use photography as a way to document and highlight diverse human experiences.” —@Tom Saater #WorldPhotoDay

Photo by @tomsaater
Photograph from Ramallah, Palestine by Tamara Abdul — via Rawiya Photos
Photograph from Mumbai, India, by Anushree Fadnavis — via Everyday Everywhere.
Photograph from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by Jim Goldberg.
Photograph of Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers by Paula Bronstein, who was honored at the 2016 IWMF Anja Niedringhaus awards. #AnjasCourage

Photo by @pbbphoto
Photograph by Robin Hammond, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo — featured in the documentary series Conflict.
1988 photograph by Donna Ferrato, featured in the series Conflict.
Photograph by Nawar Tamawi from Karradah, Baghdad, Iraq —via Everyday Middle East.
Photograph by Balazs Gardi, inside a U.S. Navy Blue Angels C-130 Hercules aircraft. #FleetWeekNYC
Photograph by Michael Christopher Brown from Mount Mikeno, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Photograph by Jane Hahn in Dakar, Senegal — via Everyday Africa.
Photograph by Líam Maloney, installed in a public space by the Dysturb team during the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto, Ontario.