It's 12 days till Christmas!
How about a little pre-Christmas workout challenge? Start with Day 1 and add a new exercise to the sequence every day.

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Fitness is not a temporary fad - it is a lifestyle!
Forget about quick diets or vigorous exercise to the extremes - you will just exhaust yourself and due to excessive stress and decrease in motivation, things will often go back to where they were in the beginning.
It's best to take it slow and make small changes in your lifestyle day after day, paying attention to healthy food, proper...
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Did you remember to drink enough water today? Water consumption is crucial for good health.
Tip: If you are not a big fan of plain water, add some cucumber, lemon or berries for flavour.

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As you know, extensive use of salt and added sugar can cause health problems. Here are some healthy alternatives to sugary foods, salt, milk and other items.

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Planning to work out today? Don't forget to eat a light meal an hour or two before your workout to give your body the necessary nutrients and energy to perform well and avoid injuries or muscle loss.
Here are a few meal suggestions, depending on the nature of your workout.

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Make your heart pump, even when doing a static exercise.
Try out these reclined punches: be in a seated position, with a 90 degree angle at your hips, and perform a punching motion with your arms while holding the seated position to strengthen your core.
There are no number of repetitions for this exercise, just hold the position for as long as you can. 30 seconds is a good start. Repeat 3...
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The week is nearing an end and the days in the office chair have taken a toll on your body. Extended sitting can cause numerous problems with back- and neck pain, as well as issues with blood circulation.
To avoid this, take 3 minutes out of your day, ideally 3-4 times a day, and do some seated yoga to allow your body to move and stretch at least a bit.

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Do you love running as your daily exercise?
Give your running experience that extra kick and burn a lot more calories by adding intervals into your evening run.

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Here's an exercise recommendation from the basics of power yoga.
Try the simple child's pose but then move forward for a tricep push-up.
It may look simple, but you'll feel it in your triceps tomorrow.
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When asking people, why they don't exercise, a common excuse is the lack of time.
We all have the same number of hours in a week, and here's a general breakdown of how many hours a week we actually spend on things we can't avoid. That leaves us with 72 hours of free time, used for commuting, eating, grooming and other activities. Why not add 3 hours of exercise weekly to your "To Do List" for...
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Did you know, that exercise has a lot more health benefits than simply giving you toned muscles?
Exercise offers numerous benefits to your physical and mental health, such as increased cardiovascular health and reduced stress.

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Try these leg lift variations to work out more muscles in your legs, as well as put more pressure on the obliques. Simply variate between lifting legs together and lifting legs at a 90-degree angle.
Start with a few sets of 10 repetitions with at least 30 seconds to one minute rest between sets and expect sore abs tomorrow.

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A journey to fitness starts from setting goals, and that's where many people make their first mistake.
Goals should be realistic and measurable. Our bodies change slowly - you can't expect to lose 10kg or 15cm off your waist in a month. In three months, on the other hand, it could be a realistic achievement.

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It is often thought that after exercise, one can reward himself with any kind of food.
The fact is: You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. Exercise should be incorporated into your daily routine for its benefits for physical and mental health, as well as for achieving a strong and toned body. But to let these muscles show, a healthy diet is the key to...
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You don't always need gym equipment to exercise. Often simple no-equipment full body exercises burn more calories and give the results in a shorter time, due to engaging more muscle groups at once.
Try these Jackknife get-ups to work your core and legs in one simple exercise.

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A new week has started! Let's make it a happy and healthy one!
Here are 12 ways to make your coming week a success for your health. Make sure to cross as many things off the list, as possible.

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Did you know, that stretching will help you avoid injuries, sleep better at night and reduce pain in joints and back, caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

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It's time to give those abs a workout and rid yourself of the ab flab!
Go for the traditional bicycle crunch to work out your upper and lower abs, obliques and quads.
Start with 2 sets of 20 repetitions - 10 repetitions for each side, and work your way up gradually.

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Looking for some fun workout motivation? How about spelling out your own workout! You can do it with your name, with your favourite word, the name of your favourite song or make it even more fun and ask someone else to pitch you a word.

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Wondering what to do with all the free time during the holidays?
How about trying a simpler and cheaper alternative to store-bought protein bars and making your own?
Mix all the ingredients and leave in the fridge overnight, to have your own delicious and healthy protein bars.

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