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We've been baking these easy and delicious chocolate cherry cookies to give as gifts!
We also made some free printable gift tags to go with them!
Find the recipe and the free printable here - [ Picklebums.com Link ]
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An invitation to make a gingerbread man!
What a lovely idea!
Find more information here - [ Mominspiredlife.com Link ]
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Do one or two of these... it will only take a few minutes...

22 Tiny Acts of Kindness You Can Do in the Middle of Your Day

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Write a letter to Santa with our free printable letter writing set...
Find it here - [ Picklebums.com Link ]
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"There is no secret formula for balance. Some days we are rock stars—gliding through our world with ease, ticking off completed tasks and projects all over the place, baking cookies, volunteering at our child’s school, and helping a friend in need. But that’s not every day. And that’s ok."

Why new moms should stop seeking ‘balance’

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What do you do if you have kids who really don't like Santa?
For a start, you don't torture them by forcing them to have their photo taken with the scary man in the red suit!

This is how we've coped with kids who are afraid of Santa - [ Picklebums.com Link ]
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I spent a bit of 'me time' on the tractor cutting the grass this afternoon.

It's the best!

Earbuds in, music up loud, ear muffs over the top, noisy old tractor.... 'sorry kids, I can't hear you!!'
Ah peace!

How do you find 'me time' when things are a bit crazy??
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This will keep the kids busy!
Find these free printable Christmas mazes here -

[ 123homeschool4me.com Link ]
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Tim Tam Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Balls... just the name is making me drool!
Find the recipe here - [ Cookingforbusymums.com Link ]
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Make some gluey wool decorations!
Find instructions here - [ Picklebums.com Link ]
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Be kind... always.
(Image via Tiny Buddha )
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I wrote this a few years back, mostly aimed at toddlers and preschoolers... but even now my kids are bigger I still use many of these ideas.

Helping Kids Deal with Big Feelings

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Looking for some gift ideas that kids can make that don't totally suck?
There are some good ideas here - [ Happyhooligans.ca Link ]
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"I don’t think adding pureed veggies to recipes is bad.
I do it all the time to add nutrition, extend the amount of food, make recipes more budget friendly, or tastier, but it is not done as a trick or hidden from my family."

Why I don't Hide Veggies in my Kid's Food.

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Love these cute little guys holding presents!
Find instructions and free printable here - [ Krokotak.com Link ]
12/04/2016 at 01:22. Facebook
My kids and I want to make these pretzel sandwiches as Christmas gifts... but I'm wondering if you can still get Rollo's here in Australia? Or what we could use instead?
And has anyone seen these kinds of square pretzels anywhere??

You can find the recipe here - [ Hersheys.com Link ]
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I've just updated my Christmas printables page and there is 30+ free Christmas printables for you to download!

Find them all here - [ Picklebums.com Link ]
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"...Even when you don't have a clue what to do next..."