Pike Place Market
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A glimpse inside (and outside!) the brand new Producers Hall, one part of the nearly complete Pike Place MarketFront expansion. Soon, four artisan vendors will move in and begin building out their new homes. (Translation: Beer! Chocolate! Biscuits! S'mores! Sardines! Cocktails! Views!! Coming soon!!!)

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Pike Place Market
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This evening's forecast for Seattle = Cold and probable chance of Rain. This evening's forecast for Arcade Lights at Pike Place Market = Cozy, Fun and No Rain! Event tickets available in person starting at noon on the street at Pike Place Market. Get here before 7 pm!
One word to describe Pike Place Market... GO!

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Today we welcomed Mayor Ed Murray to the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank to unveil a series of initiatives to make Seattle an "Age Friendly" city and address social equity issues. At the Senior Center, those 55 and up can enjoy two free nutritious meals a day, help finding housing and social services, and fun activities like dance class. pikemarketseniorcenter.org
Looking for a super fun (and super tasty) Friday night out? Treat yourself and a friend to Arcade Lights, our annual after-hours tasting festival at Pike Place Market. Snag your tickets now: goo.gl/uMLRTj

Arcade Lights at Pike Place Market

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10,000 daffodils = 10,000 smiles! Yesterday we welcomed spring with our 20th annual Daffodil Day. Thank you to our Pike Place Market farmers for growing such beautiful flowers, and to our amazing volunteers for spreading so much joy around Seattle.

Photos: Art Kuniyuki
Happy spring!
Adios winter! Today we celebrated the first day of spring by handing out 10,000 locally grown daffodils around Downtown Seattle. #DaffodilDay
What would you do with 10,000 daffodils?

Possibly give one to a friend, family member or even a stranger?

Check out the locations where 10,000 daffodils will be passed out tomorrow in honor of spring and 20 beautiful years of Daffodil Day: [ Pikeplacemarket.org Link ]

What would you do with 10,000 daffodils? | Pike Place Market

From imported wheels of cheese almost as big as your head to chocolate creatively paired with whiskey, Pike Place Market is a fun destination to find inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day and possibly a pinch of good luck (or pinch of spice for that perfectly seasoned corned beef). Read more on the blog: pikeplacemarket.org/blog/st-patricks-day #StPatricksDay

St. Patrick's Day Food and Fun at Pike Place Market

If you need a pinch of inspiration for St. Patrick's Day, stop by Don & Joe's Meats and simply look at their lovely sign. These amazing butchers make it so easy for supper ideas.

Be on the lookout for more St. Patrick's Day ideas tomorrow!
Fun event, yummy food, great cause! Support Pike Market Child Care and Preschool at their 5th Annual Great Start Fundraising Breakfast in the Market Atrium on April 5. RSVP to ilene@pikemarketkids.org. :)
Meet your ???? monger! Ever stopped to watch the cheesemaking process through the Beecher's windows? Beecher's makes handmade cheese at their flagship (and original) location right here in Pike Place Market.

Photo: Jose Armenteros
Our friends at The Inn At The Market are hosting a giveaway as a countdown to spring! The prize is a Market Flowers Hotel Package, which includes an overnight stay, a bouquet of fresh flowers from Pike Place Market farmers, and more. Enter on their Instagram: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Arcade Lights at Pike Place Market is just two weeks away! Snag your tickets and treat yourself to an awesome after-hours tasting festival with 70 local producers of artisan food, craft beer, cider and spirits. Tickets & info: bit.ly/2lzeeI7
"The grits are texturally perfect, which is the whole point of grits. Grits are essentially porridge, and there’s a reason Goldilocks was so picky when she was burglarizing those bears. It needs to be just right."

Cycene Does Grits (and Breakfast, and Lunch) Right

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay we're highlighting 3 of our many woman-owned businesses here at the Market. We're proud to have Rei Hanscomb of Truffle Cafe, Rhonda Guildford of Cloisonne Art, and Nina Hong of Chocolate and Ice Cream Delight as part of the Pike Place community!
What are you most looking forward to about the new Pike Place MarketFront?
With their dazzling tricks and playful antics, local performer Chris (aka Birdman) and his African Gray parrot Phineas entertain thousands of Market visitors each year. Have you met this Market duo?

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Tasting our way around the Market with a Daily Dozen mini doughnut, a trio of Beecher's cheese, and nibbles of Pappardelle's chocolate pasta. What are your favorite Pike Place bites?