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Our first A-8 dynamic speaker was created in 1937 by our founder, Nozomu Matsumoto. It was Japan's first Hi-Fi dynamic speaker!
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With inbuilt amplifier and new HVT technology the TS-WH500A produces less vibration and less noise Compared to a traditional subwoofer.

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Pioneer’s new extra-efficient GM-D9601 amplifier mark a dramatic improvement in power output capability, yet are much smaller than Class-AB amplifiers.

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With an interface that’s really simple & purpose built for driving, Android auto makes your favorite apps really easy to use in car.

Android Auto in India with Pioneer Car Stereo
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The deep bass of Pioneer's sub-woofer adds emotions and excitement to your tracks to provide you the best in class experience of listening to music and watching movies.

Car Subwoofers
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The new Pioneer ARC app makes your smartphone the remote control of your car stereo. Along with ARC, DEH-X6890BT has detachable face security and CD, USB, AUX, Radio as secondary music sources.
Enjoy the music.

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Thank you all for making us stand tall with 1 Million+ Likes.
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With features like speaker Level Input which allows you to connect your factory fitted stereo without any trouble, and Bass Boost which enhance the overall balance and impact of all sounds.

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We have used a large strontium magnet to power this subwoofer. The more powerful the magnet, more power to the sound produced. We have also used a powerful composite cone with urethane rolled surround for rich bass reproduction. TS-W306R

Revolutionary 10cm 2-way speakers TS-D1002R is efficiently engineered to handle upto 110W power output.

Cars today come with a multitude of features. Their controls are also designed in a manner that all or most features can be accessed without taking one's hand off the steering wheel.

Why upgrade to Pioneer?
Looking to upgrade your car entertainment system.
We suggest you to purchase products only from our authorized dealers at [ Link ]
There are certain concerns that every car owner has that their car's warranty on electrical systems will be void if they replace the entertainment system the car came with, with a new multimedia system.

Myth Busted:
The best part, it doesn’t even require any wires to be cut. Most dealers selling genuine Pioneer products will also have couplers for different cars so that warranty doesn't...
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Why upgrade to Pioneer?
The new Pioneer ARC app makes your smartphone the remote control of DEH-X6890BT. Through it, you can enjoy music from various sources and launch select 3rd party apps. Have CD, USB, AUX, Radio as secondary music sources.

With features like steering wheel control, back camera compatibility, USB and Bluetooth, MVH-AV299BT is complete package. Keep your eyes on the road while you enjoy the music.

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A 8.7 cm tweeter structure enables TS-B350PRO to deliver high sound pressure levels. Efficiently engineered to handle up to 250W power input from a shallow design.

Pioneer's GM-A5702 2-channel amplifier will greatly improve the sound quality in your vehicle.It's also got built-in low-pass crossovers, speaker level inputs for easy connection to an OEM headunit and Bass boost feature for a optimal bass.

TS-S20, Tune-up tweeter makes your system upgrade complete by producing all the missing sounds.Now hear the music the way artists intended for you.

Dual voice-coil with a dual-layer surround and dual spiders powered by a larger magnet and a new basket design, we have designed this sub-woofer to give you the most terrific bass experience at 2000 W (max) power. TS-W3003D4