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AVH-X7750BT has time alignment automatically estimates the delay from each speaker to driver’s position and adjusts speaker output timing, so that sound from all speakers reaches the driver’s ears in perfect sync.

Auto Time Alignment
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To prevent circuit shutdown, Pioneer's new digital amplifier circuit "Protection Control System" senses its internal temperature and automatically moderates input level accordingly. GM-D9601

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Now you can locate your nearest Pioneer service center at [ Link ]
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The TS-WX306T 1300W tube houses a durable woofer that is built with a Voice Coil Cooling System (VCCS), improving heat removal from the center of the subwoofer, thus increasing frequency response and high power handling.

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Music enthusiasts may find that the built-in system does not do justice to the music. Whereas, Pioneer system emits wider sound that fills your car and reaches directly to your ears without any hindrance. #CarUpgrade

Car Upgrade Guide
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TS-R6951S full covered grill prevents from physical damage and deliver a reliability and high endurance.

TS-R6951S full covered grill
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AppRadioLive combines the services you want into a single, easy-to-use design. Maps, media, news information and your events calendar are all within reach with its smooth and intuitive interface.

A smarter, safer way to drive. AVIC-F980BT with built-in navigation and many more features. Now Navigation gets easier.

Through Mirror-link music, maps and certain other smartphone applications can be directly controlled from the headunit itself.

Mirror Link
With GM-D8604 amplifier give extra edge to your speakers to perform.

350Watts powerful component speakers TS-A1606C with separate high-quality, passive cross-over for the smooth sound transition.

New TS-WX306B enclosure with voice coil cooling systems. Heat radiation is the key point to improve durability and sound. Aluminum Cap & Aluminum Bobbin allow heat to be removed from the center of the subwoofer for improved frequency response and high power handling.

Voice Coil Cooling System
Rear camera is a useful accessory for hassle free parking. It prevents minor accidents and can save lives by giving drivers more visibility behind their vehicles.

Rear camera compatible
Made of Aluminium alloy, the new basket is designed to be stronger with more efficient heat dissipation, especially at loud volumes for long hours as in Open Show Contests.

Pioneer is the first company all over the world to use Twaron® for making TS-D1730C speaker cone. Even though it's lightweight, it has 5 times more tensile strength than steel. These speakers demonstrate quicker response with superior mid-range extension producing a very natural sound.

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Now playing #SulaFest live on #PioneerDjRadio available on our Android app.

Enjoy the #Live music of #SulaFest with Pioneer DJ Radio
Mixing your music has never been easier.Whenever you're in the mood to listen to your USB, iPod, or SD-card based music library in a Non-Stop MIX, just press MIX.

#SulaFest Music Live on #PioneerDjRadio

Pioneer DJ radio
Pioneer’s ARC app will enable its users to control and play various music sources and apps in their smartphone conveniently by operating Pioneer audio receiver or a smartphone. It will also enable users to control selected 3rd party apps like navigation to get turn-by-turn guidance through car speakers.

Pioneer ARC(Advanced Remote Control)
Stay safe on roads.