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Pizza Capers
12/01/2016 at 07:00. Facebook
Like Marinara but better… our Seafood Barcelona has mussels, scallops, barramundi, prawns, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on a sesame oil base. Garnished with balsamic glaze, aioli, fresh herbs & spices plus a zesty lemon wedge. Delicioso!
I can get an extra 2 x Nashville Hot Jumbo Wings for $1?! It's as easy as saying 'Yes please' after adding to your cart

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FLYING OUT THE DOOR IN 2 WEEKS! The $19.95 Flying Pig Combo is only available until 4th December - get in quick!

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Fantastic Pizza & Where to Find It ;)
You say poh-tate-oh; I say poh-tart-oh…. The New Orleans features sliced potato, oven-roasted Cajun chicken, mushrooms, sweet chilli sauce AND sour cream & chives.
OMG, it’s over Cheers to everyone who shared their very best “OMG FREE PIZZA Happy Face”. Stay tuned for our next giveaway coming soon

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NEW Nashville Hot Jumbo Wings:

Oven-baked jumbo wings with a light crispy crumb on the outside, tossed in our special Nashville Hot sauce. Get some ya'll!

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Then you better hurry up and post your “OMG FREE PIZZA Happy Face” selfie – only 100 pizzas left to give away!

Post your selfie to our wall and we'll give you a FREE PIZZA - one pizza per person

Snap a selfie of your best “OMG FREE PIZZA Happy Face” and the Pizza Capers team & Tracker Tracker will give you a FREE PIZZA!

Simply post your selfie to the Pizza Capers Facebook wall here: [ Tinyurl.com Link ] (One pizza per customer.)
Check out Tracker Tracker on a live mission here: [ Tinyurl.com Link ] #getabetterpizza
Tag a friend just so they have to open their phone to see a Flying Pig.

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Sink your fangs into a gourmet pizza tonight!
Robo-Dog initiates Stealth Mode on his mission to track down robots making crappy pizza deliveries.
New Mexico: Byron Bay Chilli Co's. Red Bean Salsa, chorizo, premium beef, jalapeños, garlic, onion, red peppers & mozzarella. Topped with shallots, sour cream and chives. Comes with a bonus side of crunchy corn chips and guacamole dip!
Flying high… we took to the streets of Brisbane with the Red Bull Wings Team to celebrate the $19.95 Flying Pig Combo. Try the Combo this week [ Tinyurl.com Link ]

It's available for a limited time only!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

(Source: Ripley’s Aquarium)
NEW Flying Pig: Premium sliced leg ham, rasher bacon, onion & mozzarella on a smokey BBQ sauce base. Topped with hollandaise, fresh shallots & 4 x BBQ bourbon chicken wings!

For a limited time only enjoy a Large Flying Pig Pizza & 2 x 250mL Red Bull cans for $19.95! [ Tinyurl.com Link ]
Tracker Tracker and Robodog. SAME Mission, track crappy pizza deliveries. DIFFERENT Paths to track.
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