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WARNING: Xmas Parties ahead!
Though seemingly harmless, the work Xmas ‘do’ is an event riddled with unseen dangers.
Listen up. We’re here to show you what NOT to do!
Share our Xmas Party Survival Guide far and wide.
Got the Festive Fear? We’re launching exclusive #PushForXmas buttons in the Huts meaning YOU can decide when Christmas starts.
That’s right, you’re in charge – and when you’re ready!
We’ve got a host of goodies to get you in the mood including elf hats, vouchers and a free Chocolate and Orange milkshake if you’re lucky!
For full deets check out [ Pizzahut.co.uk Link ]
We’re FINALLY feeling festive, so we’ve teamed up with Missguided to bring you some epic pizza prizes!
Fill your boots - or your Christmas stocking - here [ A.pgtb.me Link ]
Did that get your attention now?
To win, hit the Hut and snap a picture of your meal, upload to Instagram, tag us @PizzaHutUK and whack in the #HutSnaps hashtag. Simple!
T&Cs and all the fun stuff: [ Pizzahut.co.uk Link ]
Oh hey December! Now that we're feeling festive, we've launched a SECRET menu item for Christmas - just for you lucky lot.

Hit the Hut and say #TastesLikeChristmas to order our Chocolate and Orange Milkshake​
Grumpy Santa wasn’t in a good place in November.
Luckily, it’s December now so he’s forgotten all about it.
Not even your mean tweets can bring him down, it seems.
What type of person doesn't love pizza?

A weirDOUGH.

When the #CyberMonday beat drops - we drop pizza.

#PizzaHutAndChill this #CyberMonday at Missguided
Are your mates talking about #Christmas TOO EARLY?

Tag THAT pal below and #GrumpySanta will give them a pizza his mind...
Christmas songs are on TOO early!
Do the right thing and escape from the SAD Santa songs with our
"No Christmas Songs 2016" playlist feat our boys The Tide!
It's as easy as clicking your fingers!

No Christmas Songs 2016, a playlist by P Hut Restaurants on Spotify

Pizza Hut Restaurants does The Mannequin Challenge #MannequinChallenge
Ever wondered what THE ACTUAL Santa Claus thinks of all the Christmas adverts?

We do too, so we got him into the Hut to watch the most talked about one of the year. He's grumpy and he doesn't like squirrels... #GrumpySanta #BusterTheBoxer
The dangers of November 5th are real. Your safety is our concern.
Please watch our safety broadcast and TAG your clumsiest, weakest, wussiest friend in the comments below. They'll thank you after…
The scene is a spooky one in our Kingsway Hut
Can you spot the #Halloween terrors paying us a visit?
Bieber tickets better than rent and food?
Don’t worry if you’ve already blown your #student loan on a bunch of frivolous trash, just tell us your most
pathetic student loan purchase and the best five will win a luxurious Hut #StudentRescueKit
T&Cs apply: [ Pizzahut.co.uk Link ]