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** This year we celebrate our 80th year! **

Our work is only possible thanks to YOU - our generous supporters who believe every child has the right to a life free from poverty and violence.

Learn about all the ways we've been working with and for children > [ Link ]

Happy #Friday everyone!
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Plan International UK's Tala Budziszewski has just returned from #Ethiopia and discusses the latest situation and the various ways we're supporting children and families affected by this escalating food crisis.
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Today Plan International Uganda are presenting your signatures to the Ugandan Government, urging for girls to have better access to sexual health services and education!

Thank you for standing with #BraveGirls in Uganda and helping to ensure they have the opportunity to be better informed to make decisions about their body and future.

Plan Uganda (@PlanUganda) posted a photo on Twitter
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Scrolling through your feed can wait. Don't delay, donate > [ Link ]

More than 800,000 children under five are severely malnourished. Without immediate treatment, they are at risk of starving to death.

These children cannot wait. Please give what you can today.

#EastAfrica #Famine #FoodCrisis
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*One day left to sign their petition *

1 in 4 teen girls in #Uganda are pregnant or already mothers. Young campaigners in Uganda are taking matters into their hands and changing the story.

Support them. Sign the petition today [ Link ]

On the 24th of March these young campaigners will meet their parliament to demand better access to sexual health services. Add your name...
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This #WorldWaterDay we're giving a shoutout to our #PicturehouseCinemas!

Thanks to Picturehouse we've brought life-changing, safe water to over 700,000 people in communities across Africa > [ Link ]

Our partnership has provided water pumps in villages and ensured schools in the area have sanitation facilities with safe water supplies. Thank you!

Partnering with Picturehouse Cinemas to bring safe water to communities
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Imagine if this was you. In Asia and Africa, fetching water is a burden that often falls to women and young girls [ Link ]

They typically carry 40lbs of water for an average of 6km each day - that’s like carrying 18 bags of sugar, 43 cans of beans, or even a microwave!

Today we simply ask that you discover how having better access to clean water -at home and school - can change a...
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Happy #WorldWaterDay!

Did you know that last year, we helped over 12,000 boys & girls get better access to clean, safe drinking water at their schools?
> [ Link ]
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Missed it? Watch now as three aid workers including Plan International UK's Alfred Taban speak to #JonSnow on #Channel4News in live Q & A about the crisis in East Africa.

Find out about the situation on the ground, and the way NGOs such as Plan UK are supporting children and families overcome this famine.
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Huge thanks to Jersey Overseas Aid for donating an incredible £100,000 towards our work helping children and families overcome the worsening famine in #EastAfrica [ Link ]

We're already providing vital aid to those affected, including clean water, food and medicine. This generous donation will support our ongoing work to tackle the immediate needs of children and families...
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#FacebookLive: Tune in NOW to hear from Alfred Taban, Plan UK's Disaster Response Programme Officer on #channel4 news > [ Link ] as tells us about the escalating famine in #EastAfrica, with a special focus on South Sudan and Plan's response.
Our very own Alfred Taban, Plan UK's Disaster Response Programme Officer will be LIVE at 8pm on > [ Link ] discussing the escalating famine in #EastAfrica, with a special focus on South Sudan and Plan's response.
“Maybe we have culture difference between us. I didn’t eat birthday cake on my birthday. I ate long noodles cooked by my mum. Long noodle means longevity.” Sponsored child

We dare you not to feel warm inside after reading these hilarious - and at times cheeky - quotes from children to their sponsor > [ Link ]

We hope they make you smile this #InternationalDayofHappiness
"My mother works in a family house and she leaves in the morning, my aunt Julia takes care of me and she likes to cook, that is why I look chubbier, she gives me food often." Danny, Colombia

No excuse to be sad! This #InternationalDayofHappiness we’ve selected some of our favorite quotes from our sponsored children to their sponsors [ Link ]

Just because there’s nothing quite as...
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Hear from Plan International UK's Alfred Taban, as he talks to Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) about the famine in #SouthSudan, the challenges facing children & families and Plan's response.
With the situation worsening every day across #EastAfrica, whole communities are on the brink of starvation.

If we don’t act now, this #foodcrisis may become catastrophic.

Please donate today [ Link ] #fightingfamine
Browsing your Facebook feed can wait. Millions of children can't.

Our staff on the ground are working tirelessly to deliver lifesaving aid to children & families starving across #EastAfrica.

Please provide a lifesaving donation today >
Severe drought has meant that livestock is dying and crops are failing. The situation IS critical and we're running out of time.

We need to act now before this #foodcrisis becomes catastrophic. Donate today >

We're already distributing life-saving food packages. Help us reach more people.
In #Uganda, 1 in 4 teen girls are pregnant or already mothers.

We think this is unacceptable.

Stand with #bravegirls today. Girls who are changing their story > [ Link ]
16 million are on brink of starvation in East Africa.

Over 800,000 children under 5 are severely malnourished.

We're #fightingfamine to stop this humanitarian crisis in its tracks. Will you help? Please donate what you can today >

Your donation WILL make a difference and help save lives.