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01/23/2017 at 13:31. Facebook
We’re supporting a call from young people, teachers, and MPs across political parties to make age-appropriate sex and relationships education mandatory.

Give young people their right and join the movement! Add your voice > [ Link ]

#SexEducation #EducationforAll #SupportSSRE #HappyMonday
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01/23/2017 at 12:22. Facebook
MP Maria Miller talks to The Guardian about the importance of making age-appropriate sex and relationships education *compulsory* in all UK schools.

Latest research from Plan International UK reveals that 70% of children aged 11-15 in England agree.

Here's why we believe this should be an essential part of education > [ Link ]

Do you agree?

Maria Miller: Brexit hindering compulsory sex education plans
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"I pretended I was disabled" Sarah, 18, Nigeria.

Sarah remembers being seized by her attacker and dragged to a truck. By pretending to be disabled, they left Sarah behind when they moved from the area.

We're providing education and livelihood skills to help the girls affected to recover and re-integrate into their communities > [ Link ] #BringBackourGirls
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"I owe what I am today to my sponsor and I am so grateful" Pauline, Haiti.

It's easy to say you can make a real difference through sponsoring a child with us. So we won't say it, we'll let the children tell you all about how it's transformed their lives!

Meet some of our sponsored children as they tell us how their lives have been changed for the better. You may be surprised by all the ways...
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For the past 6 years #BokoHaram has inflicted terror and violence across Northern #Nigeria.

Girls have been abducted, farms have been seized, villages razed and millions of people are fleeing the violence and the extreme hunger that has followed in Boko Haram's wake.

Find out what we're doing to help girls and their families get back on their feet [ Link ] #BringBackourGirls...
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01/20/2017 at 18:05. Facebook
Children are paying a heavy price at the hands of #BokoHaram, with many boys at risk of being forced to be #childsoldiers and girls being forced to become child brides.

Here's how Plan Nigeria is helping girls and boys to rebuild their lives and keep them safe from violence > [ Link ] #BringBackourGirls #ChildMarriage #Education
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Imagine being kidnapped by militants, held captive for two years and your child being taken away. This is exactly what happened to Grace.

It has been two years since she escaped from #BokoHaram. They still have her son, who is at risk of being forced to become a child soldier.

That's why one of Plan Nigeria's programmes aims to reunite mothers with their children that have been stolen by...
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"To me, friendship means love, sharing and joy!" sponsored child, Ecuador.

It's not just about what child sponsorship does, it's also what it means to the children whose lives are transformed by your ongoing support and your letters.

Watch our short film as some of our sponsored children from around the world tell us about what friendship means to them > [ Link ]
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"We drove for a long time and arrived at a large compound. We were taken to a big building and separated." Grace

It was early in the morning when #BokoHaram attacked Grace’s village.

Discover how Plan Nigeria is helping girls to move on from the horrific violence they've endured > [ Link ] #BringBackourGirls
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Did you know that when you sponsor a child, your support helps to build schools, train teachers and provide vaccinations!

Sponsorship funds improve your sponsored child's whole community. Now we think that's something to shout about!

But that's not all. Here are all ways sponsoring a child with Plan UK makes a huge difference > [ Link ]
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Our 'braced' programme in #Myanmar is helping to build the resilience of more than 350,000 vulnerable people across the country.

But that's not all. It's also provides women with the knowledge to fight for their rights and demand equality. For one village, this started with equal pay > [ Link ] #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
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Building resilience to #cyclones and #drought in #Myanmar is not only about preparing vulnerable communities, it is also about promoting and encouraging gender equality.

Discover how we empower women through our #disaster resilience work in #Myanmar > [ Link ] #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

Standing up for equal pay: Empowering women through our disaster resilience work - Plan International UK
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“I didn’t know where we were. I was separated from my brother and his friend. It was a strange place to me and I was terrified beyond imagination,” says Loveth.

Meet some of the girls abducted by #BokoHaram in #Nigeria and find out how we’re helping them rebuild their lives > [ Link ]
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Adhra was just 13 when she rescued a friend from #FGM. She learned about girls’ rights and how to say no to FGM and #childmarriage, through a football club set up by Plan International.

Meet girls from the Uncut Girls’ Club and find out how they’re helping girls like Adhra, to say no to FGM in their community > [ Link ]
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Meet some of the amazing young women who are standing against various forms of violence every day > [ Link ] #ChildMarriage #FGM #ViolenceinConflict
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On #BlueMonday the most depressing day of the year, meet little Hennock, 5, from Ethiopia.

Experience his wonderful imagination as he takes you through his favourite games with friends and reminds us all to SMILE :) #BlueMonday #HappyMonday #Smile

Step into Hennock's imagination: The importance of play
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Keya is saying no to child marriage.

With Plan International’s support, girls like Keya are changing attitudes and realising their dreams to a bright and healthy future.

Learn more about the amazing things achieved through the Girls Fund and why we need you to help this continue > [ Link ]
Did you know? When you sponsor a child with Plan International, you're helping to build wells, pipework and sanitation facilities.

Clean hands = happy hands and clean water = healthy children!

Learn more on how sponsorship is transforming communities and lives [ Link ]
Did you know that Child sponsorship also supports programmes that people are better prepared for natural disasters?

When disasters strike, whole communities can be devastated if they are not prepared. Find out what else sponsorship funds > [ Link ]
‘I work with Plan International in this project because I want #FGM to come to an end to enable all our girls to go through education,’ Mzee Rimunya, Kenya.

Through this inspiring photostory, meet some of the village leaders we work with in Kenya to end female genital mutilation within a generation. who are responsible for passing on community knowledge across the generations.

Here they...
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The elders fighting FGM in Kenya: 'It robs women of their dignity' – in pictures