The Captivate Your Senses competition ends 31 January, so get your promotional Playgirl Mesmerize or Playboy Hypnotize pack today and enter to win amazing tech gear.
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We've got the fragrance game on lock with Playboy Everest so you can get on the grind, #ShootYourShot and slam dunk 2017.
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Class is in session but the alluring scent of Playgirl Flirtatious has your crush distracted... It's the perfect time to #ShootYourShot and give him your best smile.
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Plan your slaying outfit with ease on the Samsung Android Tablet, ladies. All you need to do is buy any Playgirl promotional pack and enter our Captivate Your Senses competition to win!
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Put your hands together for the next batch of winners in our Captivate Your Senses competition! Take your shot before the competition closes on 31 January 2017 to stand a chance to win R5000 in cash, and other awesome prizes. There are only a few days left, so get your promotional Playboy or Playgirl pack today to enter!
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Youโ€™re a legend in the making and 2017 is the year to make bold steps. Start with Playboy Signature Bold with twice the fragrance.
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So you're leading the style pack on IG and your friends are always asking for tips on how to look dapper... Don't sleep on yourself, you might be the next Trevor Stuurman! #ShootYourShot
An inbox message could lead to you finally seizing the bae. All you need is Playgirl Seduction to complete the snatch. Iggy Azalea and Nick Young met on Twitter, so #ShootYourShot ladies!
With a wicked fragrance and a slick designer watch on your wrist, youโ€™ll never go unnoticed. We've got the watch covered, all you need to do is buy any Playboy promotional pack, follow the instructions and enter to win. #ShootYourShot
You're sporting the sensational fragrance of Playgirl Seduction, โ€˜Sorryโ€™ by Queen B is playing in the background, and your outfit is laid... There's no way your shot will be ignored. What is your slaying combo? #ShootYourShot
Have you entered our competition yet? With just a couple of weeks left, time is running out, so get your promotional pack and enter to #WIN a Samsung Galaxy S7 and many other cool prizes!
Playboy fragrances are GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)! Pick the one that sets you apart and #ShootYourShot gents.
Thank you to our 260 000 fans for making the Planet of Attraction the dopest spot in the universe.
If you had a chance to #ShootYourShot with any of these celebrities, whose phone would you be blowing up?
A: Naymaps
B: Siya Beyile
C: Lunga Shabalala
She won't be able to resist the smooth, chocolatey fragrance of Playboy Hypnotize... Plus, when you win a Samsung Galaxy S7 you can keep the interest lit in the DM. Get your promotional pack to #WIN this and many other cool prizes.
We thought girl groups were a thing of the past but Fifth Harmony and Little Mix came through. Which song from either group would you dedicate to your crush? #ShootYourShot
Blow your crush away with our new Playboy Hypnotize and Playgirl Mesmerize variants. Watch our TV commercial to find out how these smooth chocolate and vanilla-inspired fragrances give you an unforgettable edge.
Januworry? Nah, fam, don't play yourself. Weโ€™re still giving away cash prizes with our Captivate Your Senses competition, so get your promotional Playboy and Playgirl packs and you could be making it rain.
Get noticed in 2017, gents. Playboy Amazon will give you a fragrance that nobody can ignore. #ShootYourShot
There's no excuse not to send that mixtape, those flowers or that DM. What are you waiting for? #ShootYourShot