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"The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease." Lamentations 3:22 (NLT) #Planetshakers #PSConf
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Have you registered for Planetshakers Conference 2017?! This year is going to be our 20th Conference and we would love for you to be part of it! Visit for all the details - registrations are just $20! #Planetshakers # PSConf
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What do you get when you combine Josh Ham, the streets of #Melbourne and 'Alive Again'? A bass feature you are going to want to see more of! Check our the full video at #Planetshakers #Bass #AliveAgain #MelbourneMoments
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We are so excited for what Socality is going to bring to #PSConf this year! In the lead up to April 10th, they are doing some great interviews with our team over on their blog. Check out the first one with Ps Russell & Ps Sam Evans here! #Planetshakers
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We are so excited to have Socality joining us this year at Planetshakers Conference! In the lead up to #PSConf, they will be featuring blogs and interviews from our Senior Pastors, Russell & Sam Evans and members of the Planetshakers band! Check out the first one here!

Origins of Cultural Impact | Planetshakers
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Have you got your copy of Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again?! You can get yours right now at [ Link ] | #Planetshakers #Legacy #AliveAgain
Are you ready to praise?! Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again is available worldwide now! Get your copy at [ Link ] and let's lift up His name together! #Planetshakers #Legacy #AliveAgain
"No matter where, no matter when, I am reaching out again" - Drawing Closer | See all the music and lyric videos from Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again at
#Planetshakers #Legacy #AliveAgain
"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20 | We had an incredible time recording at #PSConf in Manila, Philippines this January Head to [ Link ] get your copy of Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again with 4 new songs (recorded live!) and 2 fresh music videos! #Planetshakers #Legacy #AliveAgain
MALAYSIA Have you seen the film clip for 'Drawing Closer' yet?! We filmed this at Planetshakers Conference in Kuala Lumpur this January! Check out this preview then head to [ Link ] to download the album AND the music videos! #Planetshakers
We just posted the official music video for 'Drawing Closer' on YouTube! We had so much fun filming this at Planetshakers Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Check it out! #Planetshakers

'DRAWING CLOSER' | Official Planetshakers Music Video

Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again available March 17th at: For centuries, words and instruments have painted pictures of ad...

He is worthy of all our praise! Check out the official clip for #AliveAgain and all the music videos for #Legacy - Part One on NOW! #Planetshakers
Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again | Check out the first music video, 'Alive Again', recorded at #PSConf in Manila, Philippines #Planetshakers

'ALIVE AGAIN' | Official Planetshakers Music Video

For centuries, words and instruments have painted pictures of adoration to God that have echoed off the walls of cathedrals or filled the air of secret home ...

Here it is! Your first look at #AliveAgain filmed at #PSConf in Manila, Philippines Head to and subscribe to see the full video released at MIDNIGHT tonight! #Planetshakers
We were so blessed to be in Manila and Kuala Lumpur earlier this year | We can't wait for you to hear and see what we recorded there | Legacy - Part 1: Alive Again coming out FRIDAY | #Planetshakers #Legacy #AliveAgain
What we do together will always be greater than what we can do on our own! At Planetshakers Conference 2017 we want to get you into community and connect your story to others around you! Socality will be with us to help capture moments as we create a community space designed to bring us all together! Come hang with us and meet the team this April 10-13! Visit to...
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