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It’s Women’s History Month, so we’re shouting out unsung hero Dr. Thelma Patten Law, one of the first Black women OB-GYNs in Texas in 1939. She provided health care for more than 25 years at the Planned Parenthood Houston health center. Learn more: [ Link ]
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Yesterday, Planned Parenthood patients and supporters sent a clear message: Don’t mess with our health care. We're not letting up now. Join us on 3/29: [ Link ]

#PinkOut #IStandWithPP

Pink Out to Protect Care at Planned Parenthood
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We stopped this attack on Planned Parenthood health centers and patients — but the fight over care is far from over. Help us rebuild and protect health care for millions: [ Link ] #IStandWithPP

Donate to Planned Parenthood
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We have a fighting chance to stop this bill — but only if we double down now: [ Link ] #ProtectOurCare #KillTheBill

Call Your U.S. Rep. and tell them to stand with Planned Parenthood
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We know that 75% of people oppose blocking patients from care at Planned Parenthood. Your calls are having an impact. Whether you've called once, twice, or ten times already, it's crucial that you keep it up: [ Link ] #IStandWithPP
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LIVE NOW: Do you have questions about how to protect #Obamacare and Planned Parenthood? Join Color of Change, Black Women’s Health Imperative and Planned Parenthood Federation of America now to learn how you can #ProtectOurCare.
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"Defunding" Planned Parenthood means cutting women like Lori off from life-changing screenings. Take action: [ Link ] #IStandWithPP
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Health care for 2.5 million Planned Parenthood patients is under attack. #IStandWithPP

The 'Trumpcare' plan to defund Planned Parenthood is about a lot more than abortions.
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The Affordable Care Act — which has given millions of people access to lifesaving health care — is under attack. Today, on the 7th anniversary of the ACA, the House will vote to turn back the clock and to "defund" Planned Parenthood. Call your representative now to oppose this bill: [ Link ]

#ProtectOurCare #IStandWithPP
"I didn’t go to Planned Parenthood to make a political statement. I went to see my doctor. I went to see the only doctor I had at the time. And that doctor saved my life."

Tell the House of Representatives that you stand with people like Christy: [ Link ] #IStandWithPP
Wherever you are, we need you to stand with Planned Parenthood and protect 2.5 million people's’ access to care. Here’s what you can do now:

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The House of Representatives is threatening the lifesaving cancer care that happens in Planned Parenthood health centers every day. Call your representative now and tell them to stand with Planned Parenthood: [ Link ] #IStandWithPP
Our new videos show you what to expect when you get an in-clinic abortion or take the abortion pill.

This Is What Actually Happens When You Get an Abortion
Planned Parenthood provides thousands of colposcopies every year. But what ARE colposcopies, and what does it mean if you need one? Get the answer: [ Link ]

What does it mean if I need a colposcopy?
Did you know there’s a vaccine that helps prevent cervical cancer, and other cancers caused by HPV? It’s true — and you can get it at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center: [ Link ]

Learn More About the HPV Vaccine
This Women’s History Month, Planned Parenthood celebrates turning #100YearsStrong. A little over 100 years ago, on October 16, 1916, Margaret Sanger, her sister Ethel Byrne, and fellow activist Fania Mindell opened the first birth control clinic in the U.S. in Brooklyn. Read their story: [ Link ]

Planned Parenthood is 100 Years Strong
Breast cancer screenings save lives by finding cancer earlier, when it’s more treatable. You can get a clinical breast exam at your nearest Planned Parenthood as part of a routine exam, or if you’ve noticed changes in your breasts: [ Link ]

Breast Cancer Screenings & Breast Health Care Options
Listen to Justina Machado read 'Single, Female, Mormon, Alone' — a story about religion, dating, empathy, and Planned Parenthood — on the The New York Times' Modern Love podcast.

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