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Got condoms? You can pick them up at Planned Parenthood health centers, drugstores, convenience stores, grocery stores, campus health centers, community clinics...and yes, even vending machines. #CondomWeek
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Planned Parenthood Supporters are showing up as Congress heads home. You can too: [ Link ]

Planned Parenthood Resistance Recess Events
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Healthy relationships take some effort. Here are 10 things you can do to be your own #relationshipgoals: [ Link ]
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Using condoms? High five! But if you’re not using them the right way, they won’t work as well. Here’s how to use them correctly:
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How to put on a condom
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Gloves cover your fingers during manual sex (when you stimulate someone’s genitals with your hands). And they’re a safer sex alternative for people who have penises on the smaller side, some trans men, and some people who are intersex. Learn more about adding gloves to your love: [ Link ]

Surgical Gloves and Finger Cots: Not Just for Doctors and Not Just for Fingers
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Safer sex doesn’t have to be serious business. Throwing it back to when we took the 100 Layers Challenge with condoms! #CondomWeek

100 Layers of Condoms

100 condoms. 2 cameras. 1 dildo.

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"If politicians care about the people of this country, they will not take Planned Parenthood away from those who need it most." #IStandWithPP #ProtectOurCare

Without Planned Parenthood, I Wouldn't Have Made It To Age 30
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Internal condoms — aka FC2 Female Condoms — are a great way to prevent both pregnancy and STDs. They’re latex-free and go inside the vagina or anus, instead of fitting over a penis. Learn more:
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What's Up With The Female Condom?
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Reminder: pressuring someone into sex is never OK — even if you’re in a relationship, and even if you’ve had sex with each other before.

How do I ask for and give consent?
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#IDEFY being in the dark about my body by getting regular STD testing to stay healthy. See for more GIF-information.
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Safer sex isn’t just about condoms, and it doesn’t have to be a mood-killer either. Learn how to make dental dams and other safer sex items fun and sexy: [ Link ]

How do you use dental dams without killing the mood?
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Oh hey, it’s National Condom Week! We’ll be dishing out some cool condom content, so get ready to celebrate safer sex Planned Parenthood-style. Condoms help prevent both pregnancy and STDs: true protection superheroes.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Want to get sexy without getting pregnant? Birth control has your back. And don’t forget the condoms, to protect yourselves from STDs, too.
In honor of Black History Month, Planned Parenthood continues to celebrate the courageous leadership in Black communities — leadership that moves our nation toward a more equal and just society.

Black History Month 2017
In case you missed it: This weekend, thousands of supporters came out in full force to stand in solidarity with our patients. We are so grateful for the community support. #IStandWithPP

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"How can we support body autonomy when pregnant individuals are not given agency to choose how they eat, how they use their body, or who touches them?"

3 Forms of Body Oppression That Hurt Pregnant People
To the nurses, doctors, and other Planned Parenthood health center staff: thank you! Sign your name to our card: [ Link ]
Health care happens here. This is who we are: [ Link ]

Community health centers don’t have the capacity to absorb 2.5 million PP patients. Read more from Annals of Internal Medicine: [ Link ]