Our health care is not up for negotiation

How Women Helped Bring Down The ACA Repeal

We've got to keep the pressure on to reject attacks on our health, rights & communities.

#PinkOut to Stand with Planned Parenthood

"Democrats watched as a roiling, well-organized “resistance” bombarded Republicans with calls and filled their town hall meetings with skeptics."

We did this together.

Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win

We defeated an attack on our health care yesterday — but it won't be the last. Help us prepare for the fights ahead!

Donate to Stand with Planned Parenthood

We won this fight, but the battle is just beginning.

Show lawmakers you won't allow attacks on our health, rights, & communities→[ Ppact.io Link ]
We truly have some of the best supporters and organizers around. Thank you for having Planned Parenthood's back.

Proof That Speaking Out to Say #IStandWithPP Makes a Difference

On a serious note: Planned Parenthood's patients' access to care is protected for one more day! ✊
Thanks to all of you — who tweeted, posted, called, texted and showed up every day to make your voices heard.
We're not letting up — not even for a minute. We need to show our strength now so lawmakers know we want them to fight to protect our health, rights, & communities.

Show up for #PinkOut Day: [ Ppact.io Link ]
We did it. We stood up to extremists who tried to repeal the ACA and block our care at Planned Parenthood — and they backed down.

History tells us they're not done. We can't let up, even for a second.
Attacking access to reproductive health care? Epic fail.

House Republican leaders abruptly pull the ACA Repeal Bill

BREAKING: House fails to pass the ACA repeal after negotiating away women’s health care.

Planned Parenthood patients & supporters sent a clear message: Don’t mess with our health care.
We can't let up — even for a second.

Flood your lawmakers' phone lines: istandwithpp.org/call/house
Help defeat this bill!

Find your lawmakers on Facebook to demand they protect out care.

Tell your representative: Protect access to care!

President Donald J. Trump, negotiating away access to cancer screenings, birth control and maternity care is not “pro-life," it’s cruel.

Call your representative now to stop his extreme, dangerous health care bill→
We have a fighting chance to stop this bill — but only if we double down now.

Take the PP3 Challenge: Call the House + tag three friends

Keep showing up. We can stop this dangerous attack on our health care→[ Ppact.io Link ]

House Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act Delayed

Just in the last 3 days, 3 polls showed over 75% of people oppose blocking people from care at Planned Parenthood.
This is not a drill. Flood your representative's phone lines now→