Y'all are truly the best β€” showing up for Planned Parenthood in fun and powerful ways.
"I needed my first Pap smear at the age of 21. I went in and Planned Parenthood was compassionate, they were nonjudgmental, and they were there for me. I had no money in my pocket and they told me I could have a Pap smear for me. It came back abnormal." - Grecia

Watch This Woman Tearfully Tell Her Life-Saving Planned Parenthood Story to a Woman Who Wants to Defund It

An impromptu Q&A with FB supporters and Cecile after a roundtable with some of our patients in Kenosha, Wisconsin (aka Speaker Ryan's district).

Be on the lookout for live coverage of the rally coming up in Milwaukee!
Speaker Paul Ryan is advancing Republican leadership's plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and defund care at Planned Parenthood despite how it will harm his own constituents: [ Ppact.io Link ]
Speaker Paul Ryan isn't the only member of Congress whose district would be unable to meet women's health care needs if they succeed.

'Defunding' Planned Parenthood Would Really Screw Paul Ryan's District

U.S. Senator Dean Heller, get the facts before you vote to block people from the health care they rely on. Nevadans want you to stand with Planned Parenthood.
It's here β€” and we need you to step up and fight like hell to protect our health care: istandwithpp.org/act

Leaked GOP Plan to Repeal Affordable Care Act Targets Planned Parenthood

Our health and rights are "serious business," Senator Pat Toomey.

What Happened When We Tried to Find Senator Toomey

Unacceptable. We must keep fighting to protect our health care: [ Ppact.io Link ]
Planned Parenthood condemns deportation raids β€” they tear families apart & obstruct access to health care & safety.

This is how Trump's expanded deportation policy is being felt across the U.S.

"Not a scintilla of evidence."

The federal judge who blocked Texas's attempt to defund care at Planned Parenthood had some choice words for this attack on health care: [ Ppact.io Link ]
Grecia made sure that Marsha Blackburn knows how important Planned Parenthood is to her and her community.
Your activism is working β€” help make sure your representatives in Congress stand with Planned Parenthood and the communities they serve.

Murkowski vows 'no' vote on repealing Medicaid expansion, defunding Planned Parenthood

Trans students deserve a safe place to learn β€” just like everybody else.

Trump Administration Rescinds Protections For Transgender Students

Today, #WearPinkAnd call your senators to protect access to care at Planned Parenthood: istandwithpp.org/call
Supporters like you are holding over 300 events to protect their health, rights and communities this month.

Planned Parenthood Floods Resistance Recess With Supporters In Pink

Judge Sparks ruled Texas's HHS β€œdid not have prima facie of evidence, or even a scintilla of evidence, to conclude the bases of termination” of Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid program.

Judge Blocks Texas's Attempt to Block Medicaid Patients from Planned Parenthood

The woman who called out Congressman Jason Chaffetz's attacks on access to care at Planned Parenthood at a town hall speaks out:

Why I Called Out Jason Chaffetz on Planned Parenthood