Plants vs. Zombies
02/22/2017 at 01:13. Facebook
Level up your battle tactics with our all-new Strategy Decks, powerful, pre-built deck blueprints.
Plants vs. Zombies
02/16/2017 at 14:01. Facebook
Light up the dance floor and the Plants with this aggressive Zombie deck!
For the brainz you love this #Valenbrainz
How strong have you gotten a Blooming Heart? Devin shows off the new PvZ Heroes plant!
We love our players . . . for their brains.

From all the PvZ teams, to our fans.
Join us as we talk and play Valenbrainz in #PvZGW2, #PvZHeroes, and #PvZ2!
We open a Valenbrainz Mega Bundle, now available in #PvZHeroes!
Zombie needs some brainz to love.

Valenbrainz is live in PvZ2, PvZ Heroes, and PvZGW2!
With Mystery Portal Event Randos Revenge character selection is random - you never know, you might find your new favorite variant!
Here's how to build an awesome Peashooter Mega-Combo deck in PvZ Heroes.
Level designer Jeff Shaw takes you through the Yeti King Boss Hunt, start to finish.
The legendary Jeff Shaw is joining us on Live From PopCap today! Join us for mayhem, swag, and Yetis.
Power Plants offers more diversity between Plants in #PvZ2. Check it out:
Hatch your own Fire Roosters during this week's event in PvZ Heroes, and fry those plants!
Just how great does Peashooter get with the PvZ2 Power Plants update?
Solo or with friends, every completed round of Ops counts towards Community Challenge goals. #OpsAway