Frontline Fighters reporting for duty! New Characters! New Map! Online Split-Screen!

PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Frontline Fighters
Things to do in Suburbia when you're dead... Or a plant.

Top 5 Things To Do In PvZGW2 This Summer
Back with with bells and whistles and rockets on them!

Community Challenges In PvZGW2
The Trouble in Zombopolis Part 2 update just added a whole heap of challenges to your Backyard Battleground!

Introducing Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two and Community Challenges!
This time, we added a whole new dimension of fun.
Hilarious PvZGW2 action, or the most hilarious PvZGW2 action?
Join Owen and his Plant allies as they battle it out against the Zombies in Moon Base Z's end-game.
What's your best score in Boat Blast?
Gary explains Vanquinini to a not so sure Jeremy, whilst playing vs with crazy settings.
Your creativity with PvZGW2 character customization hits us like a zombie wrecking ball.
By popular request, Alex drew you some PvZ Babies.
Hmmmm shall we do some Community Challenges or Delivery Missions?
The community came together this week to chomp Owen. A lot.
If you don't get your pizza in less than 30 minutes then, well, Chomper was probably vanquished trying.