Read the Q&A with Plastic Pollution Coalition co-founder and CEO Dianna Cohen.

Dianna Cohen - Moving Toward a Plastic-Free World - Pt 1 | Fair Food Forager
Would this work in your community?
What is the solution to the plastic pollution crisis? Read what our panelists had to say: [ Link ]

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A Plastic Ocean: We Need a Wave of Change
The research aims to turn shrimp shells, which are a part of Egypt’s waste problem, into the solution.

Shrimp shopping bags could prevent plastic pollution, suggests research
Have you seen #APlasticOcean?

Read this from PPC member organization Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)

Real Solutions, Not Failed Techno-Fixes: A Global South Perspective on #APlasticOcean
The movement is growing! Delhi's ban of disposable plastics took effect this month.

Delhi bans disposable plastics
Follow the life of plastic in photos.

via The Last Plastic Straw

Follow The Life Of Plastic In Photos, From The Factory To The Ocean
Take the pledge to refuse disposable plastic: [ Link ]
Plastic-free diapers are healthier for the planet. Are they right for your family?

Real Diaper Association Life Without Plastic

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Plastic-Free Diapers
Join us! We’re talking about solutions to the plastic pollution problem and the film 'A Plastic Ocean.' #APlasticOcean #BreakFreeFromPlastic #PlasticPollutes

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In the U.S., much of our discarded plastic ends up on barges to China and India. What will be the health consequences for people who make a living sorting through our plastic waste?

Where does your recycling go? The answer may surprise you
Join us TODAY for the Q&A and LA premiere of 'A Plastic Ocean' with Ed Begley Jr. and leaders on the forefront of the plastic pollution crisis.

*Reduced rate available for students. Can't attend? Sponsor a student! [ Link ]

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A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer
"Microbeads are poison pills which soak up all the pollutants and they are consumed by little fish which are then eaten by tuna," Pauly said.

Sushi demand killing tuna population, feeding us microbeads
Cheers to the state of Selangor, Malaysia! Selangor has banned polystyrene for food takeaways and stopped the free distribution of single-use plastic bags as of Jan. 1.


Plastic-free Selangor #BebasPlastik
These shoes are made from recycled water bottles and are recyclable after they wear out.
How is plastic ending up in our oceans? National Geographic explains.
Michigan joins a clique of states that have taken the environmentally backward step of stamping out the spread of grassroots plastic bag bans by communities concerned about this destructive plastic menace.

Stop banning plastic bag bans
Sadly, this turtle is only one among many. Over 50 percent of sea turtles have ingested plastic.