Go #foamfree for the sea! [ Bit.ly Link ]

5 Gyres #moreoceanlessplastic
Are you fascinated by the zero waste movement? Here are 4 tips to get started.

Four Tips for Starting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Watch the beautiful short film with PPC ambassador and pro surfer Kelly Slater.


It's Not OK

Check out the history of straws

The Last Plastic Straw Lonely Whale #SkipTheStraw #StopSucking #NoPlasticInMyDrink
Watch live ocean stories at #Voices4Oceans
"Choose reusable items!" Plastic Pollution Coalition CEO Dianna Cohen shares solutions to plastic pollution during a radio interview in Krakow, Poland.
More than 260,000 tons of plastic is already in our oceans, poisoning our food chain. Read the story behind the newly-launched #PlasticKills campaign: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Watch the video of 13-year-old Charlotte Weir working to stop plastic pollution in her home state of Maryland and across the world.

3 super kids saving the world for future generations

It's World Water Day! More than 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year. Join us in telling our representatives it's time to stop plastic pollution! [ Actnow.io Link ]

Photo by Pete Oxford
Happy World Water Day! Join us in telling our representatives to stop plastic pollution at the source: [ Actnow.io Link ]

Sustainable Brands #WorldWaterDay

There is No ‘Away’: How Each of Us Can Help Stop Plastic Pollution | Sustainable Brands

VICTORY in Kenya!!!!

PLUS Rwanda banned plastic bags in 2008!
No renewable energy incentives for burning plastic! Burning plastics is the equivalent of burning a fossil fuel and is the opposite of renewable energy.

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)

No Renewable Energy Incentives for Burning Plastic

Fact: Each of us produces 4.3 pounds of trash a day on average.
Tip: Refuse single-plastic whenever possible.

5 Realities About Plastic Pollution That Won’t Go Away Until We Do Something

Did you hear? Kenya has said no single-use plastic bags and yes to a cleaner environment!

Kenya becomes latest African nation to ban plastic bags

Meet Abhishek Shastri, who got his entire school to start recycling!
A trend towards using plastic parts instead of metals in electrical and electronic goods is causing a headache for the circular economy because so many plastics use toxic flame retardants.

Warnings over children's health as recycled e-waste comes back as plastic toys

Watch the real story of 84-year-old Jean Hill as she fights to ban the sale of single-serve plastic water bottles in Concord, Massachusetts. Tune in on Tuesday, Mar. 21!


Divide in Concord | Season 4 | The Strength of Women | America ReFramed

Cool! Hundreds of students and community members are contributing their handiwork to the #CrochetCoralReef, a massive participatory art project that combines higher geometry with handicraft while calling attention to the disappearing wonders of the marine world.

Reef madness: Crochet Coral Reef