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06/26/2017 at 00:46. Facebook
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - out June 30 on PS4. Pre-order now:
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy out June 30 on PS4 Preorder now: bitly2rlJ9KF
Ali Avison
Joseph Parata
Ridge Freakley
COD: WWII's multiplayer trailer debuted at #PlayStationE3
Coming to PS4 in November: [ Link ]
Carl Hall
Andy Oetegenn
Kyle Henderson
Joseph Le Ulafuiono Su'a
Justin Swan
Jerry Simpson
Darren Bevan
One second you're stranded on a random planet, the next you're doing an unboxing of Farpoint and the PlayStation VR Aim Controller.
Standard day for an astronaut, really.
Nick McConnell
Jahnis Bowden
Oliver de Monchy
Tune-in for the worldwide reveal of #CODWWII - Going live at 5am NZST
Michael Andrews
Ben Fraser
Gamers Get It
Murray Starkey
Murray Starkey
Gamers Get It
Hello Planet Earth. Welcome to the future of FPS.
Farpoint - available exclusively on PlayStation VR 17th May.
Sam Rowe
Andrea Koedijk
Mad Mike
Thanks to those who have signed up for the Gran Turismo Sport Beta! The Beta will be live in North America and Europe this weekend and is due to roll out in Australia and New Zealand in the next phase. Stay tuned for updates.
Thanks to those who have signed up for the Gran Turismo Sport
Jarrod Hayson
Dan Wiel
Joel Gordon
Go on a journey billions of years in the making with David Attenborough’s First Life, a new experience on PlayStation VR [ Link ]
Sam Billot
Liam Swann
Logan Kennett
Choose a pilot, outfit your ship and decimate the competition in space shooter, StarBlood Arena - out now for PlayStation VR: [ Link ]
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming to PS4 on 23rd August!
Experience the stunning standalone adventure, only on PlayStation.
Pre-order now: [ Link ]
Myles Lawford
Connor Moore
Reid Dale
Reu Ben
Bronxz Sharples
Paul Severn
Lee Anderson
Alexis Barber
Melinda Barker
Melinda Barker
Melba Manning
Alicia Joseph
The Hero: Aloy. Horizon Zero Dawn. Out 01.03.17: [ Link ]
Paolo Alinea
Tim Daniels
The Thrill of the Hunt. Horizon Zero Dawn. Out 01.03.17: [ Link ]
Rayner Ramsay
Mike Arnigo
Nicholas Tissink
Overwhelming Odds. Horizon Zero Dawn. Out 01.03.17: [ Link ]
Warren Van Staden
Tory Abraham
Pari Bishop