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PNB MetLife is #SharingSmiles among India's young blood by giving them a stage to prove their skills in badminton and the opportunity to play on the big stage. [ Link ]
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Have a Junior Badminton Champion in your house? Get them to pick up their racquets and Join The Rally NOW! Visit us at [ Link ] to register them for PNB MetLife JBC Season 3 #PlayForHappiness
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Insurance can also be for just your own financial safety. Build a #LifeWaaliPartnership with us & stay protected. [ Link ]
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With the growing number of cases, the spirit to fight cancer also grows. #TogetherWeCan fight all malignant battles. [ Link ]
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Think your kid's a badminton prodigy? Sign them up to Join The Rally at the PNB MetLife Junior Badminton Championship Season 3. Register Now: [ Link ] #PlayForHappiness
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Ambitions and dreams are empty without the right support to back them up. So dream big but prepare right at the same time! #MondayMotivation
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Investments hit two birds with one stone – you can save on your tax money, and you can earn on the same amount through compounded returns on interest. Invest wisely and make the most of your income with PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan: [ Link ]
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MetLife Foundation along with Trickle Up is #SharingSmiles with ultra-poor households and helping them 'graduate' from severe provery. Read more about it here [ Link ]
Do you constantly give in to your craving for sweet treats? Time to take the right step towards a healthier you because your lifestyle habits play a very important role. Get a holistic health risk assessment done today. Begin here:

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When we say #TogetherWeCan, we mean every word of it. PNB MetLife Mera Heart & Cancer Care is a testament of how we offer complete support to you and your loved ones, always.

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We've all had times when we've called on friends to bail us out of trouble. PNB MetLife Mera Heart & Cancer Care plan is no different. #TogetherWeCan [ Link ]
You might disagree on the small things, but true love always finds a way to agree on what is important. Happy #ValentinesDay #TogetherWeCan [ Link ]
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