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Poetry the shortest distance between two humans.
—Lawrence Ferlinghetti (who turns 98 today)

More Light by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
This week's #PoetryOfftheShelf #podcast honors Derek Walcott upon the death of the Nobel Laureate.

The Achievements of Derek Walcott - Poetry Off the Shelf
Motion Designer Jakub Skorupa made this animated tribute to Frank O'Hara

Frank O'Hara - Mayakovsky
knows who steals bones

if not the connoisseur
of bones
—Rodney Gomez

Probability of the Sparrow by Rodney Gomez
Adrian Matejka's most recent book, "Map to the Stars," navigates the tensions between race, geography, and poverty in America during the Reagan era: in the time of space shuttles and the Strategic Defense Initiative, outer space is the only place where equality seems possible.

Matejka’s first collection of poems, "The Devil’s Garden" (2003), won the 2002 New York / New England Award. His...
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Poetry off the Shelf: Adrian Matejka

“I am in the world / to change the world”
Benjamin Voigt traces the work of Muriel Rukeyser, whose leftist activities garnered her a 121-page FBI file and provided her with fertile material for an innovative body of work.

Muriel Rukeyser 101 by Benjamin Voigt
Get even says the horizon
like the sun, democratic and unsparing.
—Susan Barba

Gammon by Susan Barba
“Be careful what you memorize,” I tell [students]. “You may be stuck with this poem for the rest of your life.”
--Poetry Out Loud judge Anndee Hochman

Passion and truth come through in Poetry Out Loud competition
i came dancing

out like god upon a crimson wave. my dress hung
like a question or a suddenness.
—Keith S. Wilson

Impression of a Rib by Keith S. Wilson
On March 21, World Poetry Day, Julius Meinl coffee shops let you pay for your coffee with a poem!

Pay With A Poem 2017 - Julius Meinl
in Fort Wayne I drank the seniors Old Milwaukee
Old Crow in Indianapolis I stopped now I regret
every drink I never took

This week's #PoetryNow #podcast features 2016 Lilly-Rosenberg Fellow Kaveh Akbar

Portrait of the Alcoholic Floating in Space With Severed Umbilicus - PoetryNow
"A Quiet Passion": A film about the life of Emily Dickinson directed by Terence Davies

Cynthia Nixon delivers a triumphant performance as Emily Dickinson as she personifies the wit, intellectual independence and pathos of the poet whose genius only came to be recognized after her death. Acclaimed British director Terence Davies ("House of Mirth," "The Deep Blue Sea") exquisitely evokes...
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A Quiet Passion

Hey Chicago!
Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine is looking for an Education and Youth Services Assistant to aid in the delivery of educational field trip programs to children and youth, as well as to university students and lifelong learners. Apply now!

Education and Youth Services Assistant
I’m just like you some dying some grief some scotch
—Samuel Ace

Standing at a Desk of Cranberries by Samuel Ace
You’re in this alone. That means there’s nobody to stop you.
—Max Ritvo

The Soundscape of Life Is Charred by Tiny Bonfires by Max Ritvo
I try to recall something that I know.
—Richard Garcia

Capriccio of the Imaginary Prison by Richard Garcia
The Harriet Reading Series features talks, performances, and readings by poets who have appeared on Harriet, the Poetry Foundation’s blog. Eric Amling is a poet, designer, and visual artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of "From the Author’s Private Collection" (2015); his chapbooks include "From the Author’s Private Collection" (2013) and "Legal Pure" (2012).

More information at [...
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Harriet Reading Series: Eric Amling