How do polar bears stay warm? Why do they have big noses? Kids ask questions, scientists respond in this video in honor of International #PolarBearDay, February 27th!
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International #PolarBearDay is Monday, February 27! Starting today, donate in a loved one’s honor and we'll send them an instant e-certificate:
Join us for special live International #PolarBearDay coverage on our Facebook page this Monday, February 27!

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International #PolarBearDay is this Monday, February 27! Starting today, make a donation in a loved one’s honor and we'll send them an instant e-certificate:
Did you know that a polar bear's milk is almost 33% fat? And cow's milk is just 4%? Learn more facts here: [ Link ]
No polar bear ever looked in the mirror and said: "I'm too fat!" For polar bears, fat is fit. Learn more facts on our website: [ Link ]
We've scheduled an amazing series of Facebook Live chats for Monday, which is International Polar Bear Day! Check out our schedule - and come with questions!

LIVE Coverage on International Polar Bear Day! - Polar Bears International
A new study of Baffin Island and Kane Basin polar bear populations shows they're stable for now - but low sea ice makes their future uncertain.

NunatsiaqOnline 2017-02-21: NEWS: Eastern Arctic polar bears OK, but low sea ice makes future uncertain
International #PolarBearDay is almost here: Monday, February 27th! Throughout the day, we'll host an exciting mix of scientists, staff, and special guests from Canada, Denmark, the US, the UK, and Norway right here on our Facebook page.

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It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the issues facing polar bears and the Arctic. #Yoga Bear Wednesday is here for your weekly dose of stress relief–––featuring boat pose #polarbear style!
We're sharing facts about #polarbears as we count down to International #PolarBearDay on February 27! #SaveOurSeaIce

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Take the #ThermostatChallenge on International #PolarBearDay, February 27, and enjoy #hygge for polar bears! Janne Tofte explains this Danish word and invites you to join in. Together, we can save energy for polar bears, have fun, and raise awareness!

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Only one week until International #PolarBearDay on Monday, February 27th! This year, more than ever, polar bears need your focus and your care. Join us to #SaveOurSeaIce:

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#ScienceSunday: Polar bears can run as fast as 40 kilometers per hour—but only for short distances. Younger, leaner bears are the best runners. They can cover two kilometers without stopping. Older, larger bears quickly overheat. #Polarbears are natural sprinters and very dangerous over short distances!

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Now more than ever, #polarbears need your generosity and support.
#GoodNewsFriday: Scotland the brave - shooting for 50% renewable energy by 2030! #saveourseaice #100hopefuldays

Scotland Eyes 50 Percent Renewable Energy by 2030
#GoodNewsFriday If passed, the bill would easily be the most ambitious clean energy commitment made by any state in the country. #saveourseaice #100hopefuldays

New Massachusetts bill would make it the first state to go 100 percent renewable
#GoodNewsFriday: Renewable energy sources made up almost nine-tenths of new power added to Europe’s electricity grids last year! That's good news for #polarbears, people, and the planet. #SaveOurSeaIce #100HopefulDays

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90 Percent of New Power in Europe From Renewables