From PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton: Concerns over Rex Tillerson's ties to Russia
From PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton: Trump administration reverses mortgage fee cut, and what this might mean for you and your family.
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Rev. Al Sharpton closes this week's PoliticsNation reflecting on #Trump using the words of icon James Brown: Like a dull knife / Just isn't cutting / Just talking loud / Then saying nothing.

Radio host Mark Thompson tells Rev. Al Sharpton that we need continued activism to fight back during the age of Donald Trump. Will you be getting more involved politically over the next four years?

Rep. Yvette Clarke tells PoliticsNation: Folks are very clear that their very existence it at risk under a #Trump administration. More PoliticsNation up next.
Rep. Meeks tells PoliticsNation that protecting voting rights will be high on the list of Democratic strategies to ensure that Donald Trump is voted out. We hope you're watching MSNBC.
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LA Times: Trump Boasts And Attacks The Media in Solemn CIA Setting

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Trump boasts and attacks the media in solemn CIA setting
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Opinion: Trump threatens to 'corrode the ethical core' of the military
One Of President Trump’s First Acts Will Cost Homeowners Millions Of Dollars
Did Donald Trump plagiarize president Obama's inaugural cake? Here's why New York magazine thinks so:

At Inaugural Balls Trump Talks ‘Enemies,’ Eats Plagiarized Cake
Trump Signs Executive Order on Obamacare on Inauguration Day

President Trump signs executive order on Obamacare after swearing-in
Watch Joe Biden’s Speech After Returning To Delaware

Watch Joe Biden’s Speech After Returning To Delaware
WATCH Live as people protest on the streets of Washington D.C.
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Inauguration 2017
Photos: the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration vs. Barack Obama’s