Rabid raccoon discovered in north Lakeland area

The Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Section confirmed today, Wednesday, June 21st, that a deceased raccoon tested positive for rabies in Polk County.

On Monday, June 19, 2017, a resident on Gibson Shores Drive (south of West Daughtery Road, north of Lake Gibson) heard his pet cat screeching out on the patio—and then his dogs...
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Rabid raccoon discovered in north Lakeland area
Teara Shea Weiand
Barbi Chapple
Kim Perkins
OK, Facebook Sleuths: Please share this video and see if you can help us identify this suspect. The video is pretty good quality, but the suspect is wearing a ski mask. The clothing and build should be recognizable to someone who knows this person. It is likely someone local.

Here’s what happened: a thief entered Phillips Bait and Tackle located at 3780 Highway 92 E, Lakeland—at the entrance...
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Lynn Grimes Williams
Alex Ratcliffe
Heather Lynn Bennett
#WednesdayWisdom - if you're gonna steal a porch package, perhaps you should peruse what's in the parcel before pilfering it - you might end up with pill pockets!

Theft isn’t funny, and as our readers know, we don’t like thieves regardless of what's taken. We post surveillance photos & videos of thieves even when they have stolen misdemeanor amounts.

We don’t have a surveillance photo this...
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WednesdayWisdom if youre gonna steal a porch package perhaps you should peruse
Shelly Graeber
Carol Simon
Catherine Franz Kurcsak
Stephen Osborn
Charlotte Thomas
Kimberly Covey
Speaking of deputies' babies and Father's Day, please enjoy this pic sent to us by Deputy Covey's wife, Kimberly, of their precious children on Father's Day! #PCSO #copskids #picturesworthathousandwords #toocute #daddyslittleangels
Speaking of deputies babies and Fathers Day please enjoy this pic sent
Richard Littrell
Cathy Barker
Josephine Swindle
Ladies and gentlemen - meet Deputy Sheriff Brad Rosenbauer's son, Ben, born at 1:27 p.m. on Monday, June 19, 2017, weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz., and 21 3/4 inches long. (no - it's not twins, just double cuteness! both photos were so cute, we couldn't decide!)

Mommy Brittany sent us these photos and gave us permission to share them with you - our wonderful fans who have supported Brad and Brittany...
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Ladies and gentlemen meet Deputy Sheriff Brad Rosenbauers son Ben born at
Sue Mccloud
Mary Carmen Espada
Melissa Stocksick
It's #CrimeTipTuesday and it seems each week, we're warning you of a new scam.

Today we want to remind you that you CANNOT TRUST CALLER ID!

You already know that telephone scams are one of the most common and successful scams out there. Many people have fallen victim to the caller claiming to be the electric company threatening to disconnect your service, or telling you about the lottery you...
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It's CrimeTipTuesday and it seems each week we're warning you of a new scam
Will Holland
Bea Kempster
Carol Simon
Sharing for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office:
Bret Walley
Jim Goff
Debbie Davis
Join us in welcoming the newest Polk County Sheriff's Office members!

Pictured from left to right: Deborah Bryson, Katheryn Chambrot, Loida Toledo, Matthew Williams, Tiffanie Green, March Fluerjean, and Sheriff Grady Judd.
Join us in welcoming the newest Polk County Sheriff's Office members
Meredith Massey
Tim E Glover
Mary Ellen Childers
Deputy Sheriff Montalbano (seen here in the Tshirt and ball cap) joined Polk County Fire Rescue personnel at little Logan's birthday party on Saturday, June 17th - Logan nearly lost his life in a near-drowning incident, during which Deputy Jonathan Montalbano and PCFR responders were able to revive him.

Read here for more about how you can prevent child drownings. Let's all have a safe and...
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Deputy Sheriff Montalbano seen here in the Tshirt and ball cap joined
Kathi Proctor
Laura Lombardi
Sarah Davis Pitts
Today's #CriminalsOftheDay are the Furgeson brothers - Scott and Chris. Scott has an active warrant for his arrest, and when deputies went to arrest him yesterday, he and Chris decided to take off instead - we caught both of them, and now they're in jail.

If you went to St. Anthony's Church in Lakeland yesterday, you probably saw some of the hoopla.

Here's what happened:

Around 11:00 AM on...
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Todays CriminalsOftheDay are the Furgeson brothers Scott and Chris Scott has an
Tricia Esler
Charles Lamar Anderson II
Brid Shields
Happy #MemeMonday!

PCSO K9s - they don't just catch bad guys, they can sniff out whatever drugs you're trying to hide, too.

This weekend, deputies responded to a disabled vehicle in Davenport - they made contact with a woman we'll call "Linda" (because that's her name) who said she just drove down from Tennessee, and ran out of gas. She was also acting nervous & jittery. #thatsaclue

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Happy MemeMonday PCSO K9s they dont just catch bad guys they can
Gwen Onken
Billy Garrett Jr
Valerie Shaw
Please join us in keeping FHP Sergeant William Bishop's wife & son, his family, and his fellow Troopers in your thoughts and prayers, as he was killed in the line of duty this weekend. He served our state for 30 years.

Please be careful driving out there, everyone. Move over - it's the law, and our lives depend on it.

#RIPSgtBishop #FHP #blackandtan #LODD

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Please join us in keeping FHP Sergeant William Bishops wife son his
Dottie Bishop
Donna Falcaro
Cheryl Rettman
Well look who showed up late to the party - three more #bovinebandits! Oh, y'all thought we were done making arrests in that case? Naw, we were just gettin' started!

Dalton, Trevar, and Jordan got so much attention yesterday, we thought their friends, 18 yr old Bryce Pickle, 18 yr old Leroy Hamilton, and 20 yr old Dakota McClellan should also be featured on our page.

In April, Dalton paid...
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Well look who showed up late to the party three more bovinebandits
Debbie Carson
John Greenwell
Georgie Meier
Alas, it was not meant to be that we would beat LPD twice in a row. What a great game and a ton of fun! We'd like to thank the players, the coaches, the umpires, and the wonderful fans! We are very much looking forward to a #BattleoftheBadges part III - Hopefully coming to a field near you soon!

Thank you Lakeland PD for being such great sports! We love our brothers & sisters in blue.

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Alas it was not meant to be that we would beat LPD
Roy Woods
Barbara Sue Cooley
Dawn Francis
Welcome to Polk County, where if you steal someone’s cows and sell them at an auction, you get caught and get to be featured on the PCSO Facebook page.

Everyone, meet 19 yr old Jordan Ferguson and his friends, 21 yr old Trevar Veltrop and 22 yr old Dalton Pelham, AKA Bovine Bandits.

In April 2017, eight cows went missing from the pasture at West Bella Vista Street and Walker Road in...
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Welcome to Polk County where if you steal someones cows and sell
Ken Roberts
Daniel Hurd
Amanda Brewer
We're not sure what to call this one - #ThatWasEasy, #LuckyToBeAlive, or #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp

........that time when a business on Recker Hwy in Winter Haven called EMS because of a man who was passed out after trying to steal their AC units copper wire............

There he was, lying on the ground, surrounded by cut copper wire and burglary tools. Now here he is, wearing an orange...
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We're not sure what to call this one ThatWasEasy LuckyToBeAlive or YouCantMakeThisStuffUp
Bobbie Gilbert
Timothy James Howard
Willie Conner
Social media sleuths, get your detective hats on! Detectives are trying to identify this male suspect (possibly Hispanic) who was at a 7-Eleven store located at 4975 South Florida Ave in Lakeland, on June 14, 2017, and stole $30 worth of merchandise. The suspect left in a black Chevrolet Silverado. If you have any information about the identity/whereabouts of this man, please contact Detective...
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Social media sleuths get your detective hats on Detectives are trying to
Debbie Parr Skelton
Daniel Hurd
Jim Goff
Here are the two escaped fugitives, after being captured in TN.

So glad they are in custody!!!!!!!!!

[ Usatoday.com Link ]

Authorities in Tennessee say they have captured Donnie Rowe and Ricky DuBose. The two men allegedly murdered two prison guards and escaped from prison.

According to Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing at a press conference, Dubose and Rowe ditched a vehicle at the...
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Here are the two escaped fugitives after being captured in TN
Jim Goff
Nancy Wilkinson-McGrath
Tim-bo Hawthorne
Great news!!!!!! #JusticeisServed #goodguysforthewin #backtoprisonyougo

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Great news JusticeisServed goodguysforthewin backtoprisonyougo
Hoot McCann
Maryanne Brooks Whitaker
Heather Amrane