Pool Live Tour
01/20/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
We've listened to your calls for the 5k table to be returned so here it is! :)

Enjoy the weekend's portion of Pool! >> bit.ly/play-plt
Pool Live Tour
01/19/2017 at 16:11. Facebook
Let us introduce you the brand new star of the Golden Wheel!

Let's just say its name is Snake Eye and you need to master that stare!

You have time until Monday so don't hesitate for too long! >>> bit.ly/play-plt
Pool Live Tour
01/18/2017 at 15:30. Facebook
Coming soon...

Are you getting excited? We are!
Pool Live Tour
01/17/2017 at 16:51. Facebook
We couldn't be more excited to be back!

Did you miss us? We missed you for sure! <3
What do you think about this? Is your Pool day everyday too? :)

Let us know in the comments!
Did you stock up on Coins during the special bonus offer?

This is nearly your last chance, you have just few hours left! Don't miss it >> bit.ly/play-plt
It's Friday! Give yourself some time to relax and watch the best shots in our Shot of the Match compilation!

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Low on Coins?

We're here to solve your problem and boost your future supply with this great Coins Bonus offer!

For the whole weekend you can get twice as many Coins on select Coin packages :)

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How is your day going in Pool Live Tour?

Are you giving that "once in a lifetime" performance, or you're more of Donald Duck today? ;)

Let us know!
Another Black Friday special deal - Firebeam for crazy 590 Gold!

That's hard to pass! >> bit.ly/play-plt <<
Mike Sigel or Efren Reyes? Captain Hook or The Magician?

Both are beyond great, but who do you prefer? Let's vote! :)
Black Friday is in full swing!

8-Ball cue, one of your all-time favourites is now in the Shop for amazing 290 Gold!

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Black Friday sale just begun!

Until Monday you have a chance to buy some of the coolest cues and table prints for VERY special price!

Offer includes such gems as Firebeam, Spartan or Diamond 8 cue and many more!

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And these Trickshot artists are still just kids! Isn't it amazing?

Let us know what you think! Do you know these two? :)
Who won the Angel Wings cue?

The two lucky winners are Femić Ognjen and Ryan Anderson, congratulations!

Thank you all for participating! :)
Angel Wings cue GIVEAWAY!

This cue is simply amazing with its luminous, graceful, almost out of this world design! What is the thing YOU like about it the most?

Let us know in the comments below, include your ID and wait for your chance to be one of TWO lucky winners of this cue! :)
Share the best of your Shots and get included in the Shot of the Match video!

It's not just the earned fame you'll get - we'll reward the best of you with some gold as well! :)

Make a shot you'll be proud of >> bit.ly/play-plt
You have few more hours to enjoy Golden Wheel of Fortune and win some Gold, Coins or Angel Wings cue if you still don't have it!

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How do you like this Golden Wheel of Fortune's gem - Angel Wings cue?

Do you already have it? Tell us in the comments! :)