Bon appe-tender! Here’s a sneak peek of our Chicken Waffle Tenders in the making, this month only.
When you whip up a romantic “home-cooked” meal for your boo #ValentinesDay
Our dating profile bio: “Enjoys long walks by the water and the bold flavors of Louisiana.”
The people have spoken! Chicken Waffle Tenders are back this month for your honey-maple dipping pleasure.
Art runs deep in the heart of Louisiana culture. Some handcraft paintings, we handcraft chicken.
It’s all in the dip. Try this month’s Classic Cajun Wings with our New, delicious Buttermilk Dressing.
From Napkin Shirts to Taste Masks, the wing-eating game will never be the same. Just ask wing aficionado, Jerry Rice!
From our kitchen to yours, have yourself a very POP’N 2017.
Big games and big flavors go hand in hand. Football season is better with Classic Cajun Wings by your side.
Sometimes the best gift of all is bumping into the one you want underneath the mistletoe.
TFW you're winning and your is . Congrats ODU Football for taking home the win at your first bowl game - the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl. Time for a victory feast.

: Ben Solomon/ESPN Images
Make your tailgate better anywhere with Popeyes. May we suggest the Bahamas? Tune in to ESPN at 1:00 p.m. EST today. #BahamasBowl
What list will you be on, spicy or mild?
Hey Western Michigan Football, if you play in Arlington like you played in the Bahamas in 2015, you’re sure to take home a win! #RowTheBoat #Football
We combined a seafood side dish with a seafood delish dish for our Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp.
Wicked shape. Wicked flavors. Wicked delicious. It’s the $4 Wicked Good Deal.
Nothing goes better with football season than wings! Get them boneless all December long with our $5 Boneless Wing Bash.