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When a bank makes a loan, it is extending to the borrower a promise that it will settle payments on the borrower’s behalf up to the value of the loan. It can make this promise whatever the state of … Continue reading →

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Private money creation: from crisis to crisis There are many reasons to change the current money system. To begin with, the current system works less…

Socialism for the rich

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Whenever major decisions are taken about the future of the UK, news cameras will be aimed at reporters standing in front of Parliament. But is Parliament really where the key decisions are being made today, or has power shifted down … Continue reading →

BANKING VS DEMOCRACY: How Power Has Shifted from Parliament to the Banking Sector

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"It’s only a matter of time until the next financial shock, and the Bank will not have the necessary ammunition to respond."

Bank ill-equipped to navigate uncertain future

"...there is a far simpler and more effective alternative: the creation of accounts at the central bank for every eligible citizen. Such accounts could not be subject to runs, and they would therefore not need to be protected with deposit insurance. "

Social Support and Financial Architecture: a Proposal for Reform

With this week’s budget, the Chancellor doubled down on a failed economic model. The government will continue cutting spending into the next parliament, and earlier this week, it was revealed that the Treasury has asked most departments to find … Continue reading →

The ‘business as usual’ budget

The Government wants us to think there is no money to fund our #NHS. But there is.
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An influential group of MPs have opened an inquiry into the impact of monetary policy since the 2008 financial crash. We know it has caused huge inequality. We know it could be done in a much fairer way. This is our chance to tell them and demand a change.

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Right now we’ve got a “once-in-a-decade” opportunity to change the monetary policy.

Every UK citizen could have received £6,834

MPC member Gertjan Vlieghe tells MPs that central bank’s financial models ‘are just not that good’ for predicting even a recession

We are unlikely to spot next financial crisis, Bank of England official says

‘Bank Robbery’ is not a book about how to rob a bank, it’s about how banks rob us; not primarily for their own benefit, but as part of a system that we must fix if we are to … Continue reading →

Bank robbery as part of a system

Here's another way to fund the #NHS