A shocking new "deathbed confession" has led to a new accusation in the assassination of John F. Kennedy over half a century ago. This could change everything for those investigating one of the most mysterious crimes in history...

What do you think about this "confession?"

"Deathbed Confession" Leads to Shocking New Accusation in JFK Assassination Mystery

About 15 years ago, Lacey’s mom Kay lost her most important piece of jewelry: her diamond engagement ring. After being married to Dave (her high school sweetheart) for 38 years, that one ring held more sentimental value than anything else Kay had ever owned. For months, Kay and her family scoured th...

She’s Cleaning Up, Then Turns To See Husband Solved A Mystery That’s Haunted Her For 15 Years

This woman texted the wrong number, and then got a surprising reply.

But the real shocker was when moments later 2 men showed up at the door with an unexpected plan.

Woman Texts Wrong Number, Moments Later 2 STUNNING Visitors Knock on the Door

Police responded to a disturbing call at this home, but what they found when they got inside was much worse than they imagined.

They found a woman in bed with her son, and then they noticed what was on the nightstand.

This is so sickening...

Cops Sick When They Find Mom in Bed With Son... Then They See What's on Nightstand

We have a genius icing trick that is going to totally revolutionize how you decorate baked goods. Best of all? You just need one ordinary household supply to make it happen! If you’ve ever tried to ice a cake, you know it can get messy fast. Even if you’re just going for simple frosting, you have to...

Dump Buttercream Frosting On Plastic Wrap, Then Roll Up Tightly For The Ultimate Icing Trick

This mom couldn't believe the note her young daughter brought home from school.

Then she figured out the best way to get revenge on this insane teacher.

And what she did went viral.

Teacher Writes Insane Note On Child's Assignment... Mom Gets Perfect Justice

Sen. Rand Paul went on Fox News and made a surprising announcement about Trump and his wiretapping claims - and it's probably NOT what people would have expected from him. Wow.

Rand Paul Dropped Stunning Trump Wiretapping Bombshell: 'Somebody Was...'

This punk thought he could get away with bullying and threatening innocent people on the subway.

But one passenger wasn't having it and took a stand... and that's when everything went black for the punk.

VIDEO: Violent Punk Threatens Subway Passengers... Suddenly Sees Total Darkness

This thug was picking on his victim, virtually BEGGING him to fight. Suddenly, there was a flash, and then... darkness.

It was all caught on video, too. Take a look.

WATCH: Thug Begs Victim to Fight Him, Suddenly There's a Flash and Then Darkness

A pervert thought he have some sick fun by spying on a young girl in a bathroom.

Thankfully the cops caught him before he could touch her, but what they found in the stall with him is just disgusting...

Pervert Eyes Young Girl in Bathroom, Cops Disgusted at What's Waiting in Stall

This teen punk broke into a woman's home and tried to rob her. But she defended herself, and left him dead.

Now the punk's family is asking an absolutely sickening question, that left the woman and her friends shocked.

Only in Obama's America...

Woman Shoots Teen Thug Robbing Her Home... Thug's Family Asks Shockingly SICK Question

Charlotte and Will were elated to learn they were pregnant with identical twin girls, a rare occurrence that makes up about a third of twin pregnancies. Everything was going smoothly… until the young couple from Liverpool received devastating news. At their 13-week ultrasound, Charlotte’s midwife no...

Mom Is Having Identical Twins When Midwife Notices One Looks Much Different Than The Other

This fisherman was out on his favorite lake when he felt something weird under the water. He had no idea he was about to uncover a father's 16-year-old secret.

This is absolutely chilling...

Man Fishing Feels Something Weird Under the Water, Uncovers Dad's 16-Year-Old Secret

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Mary Katherine Ham just went head to head in a debate about healthcare, and it got HEATED. This exchange is definitely worth watching.

WATCH: CNN Host Slaps Mary Katharine Ham With Startling Word, She Instantly Knows What To Do...

People started reporting this mom's pictures to Facebook as obscene when they saw what was in her left hand.

They may think she's out of line, but we think she's 100% right.

People Notice What's in Mom's Left Hand, Immediately Report Her Pics to Facebook