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Pound Rounds
12/01/2016 at 05:53. Facebook
Puss waits at Blacktown Pound for her family to find her...she has been previously well cared for...please share.
Pound Rounds
12/01/2016 at 03:17. Facebook
Foster carers urgently needed by Big Dogs Australia.
They want to help these beautiful dogs, they need a home, they need to be out of Hawkesbury animal shelter.
Can you help?
Blacktown Pound is full. Please keep your cats inside & safe..some of these beautiful cats will die because either noone has claimed them or adopted them...they are beautiful loving beings, that hope their humans will come & save them..but many will die in this lonely place..please share, adopt or foster to save them.
Ever wanted a lap cat..then this is the kitty for you. :-)
Hawksbury Pound..please help this beauty by sharing.
Poor 14 yr old dog at Renbury Farm Animal Shelter..which is a high kill pound..please share.
Look at this beauty at Hawksbury Pound..please share, adopt or foster.
Good message to share during breeding season.
Take me Take me :-)
This beauty is at Hawksbury Pound..please help her by sharing..or fostering or adopting.
Beautiful puss at Hawksbury Pound needs your help. Please share.
Look at this sweet sad little girl who is nervously waiting for rescue at Hawksbury Pound..share adopt or foster for a rescue.
Want another Cookie? Well here she is & she's waiting for you at Blacktown Pound. :-)
Look at this 'gawgeous' doggy looking for a home at Blacktown Pound.
Please share..most urgent dog at Hawksbury Pound.
Poor scared little kitty..please share so he will be saved.
They only have until tomorrow please share.

Campbelltown Pound Kitties are in Trouble

Look at these darling sisters...waiting together at Blacktown pound for a new home..together. Please share.
Look at this lovely girl looking for a home at Blacktown Pound...please share to help her.