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Mature lady longing for a home
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Diva has spent way to long in a concrete kennel. She is longing for love! Please share...
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Why doesn't anyone want me?

Please help me, share my pic in hope that my dreams will come true and I will have a family of my own this weekend
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Fats needs our help, don't let him become another statistic. Please share...
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Stupid test by even more stupid people.
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Please help Narla find a forever home...
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Cute little munchkin needs a home. Please share...
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Miss Pei Pei is looking for a home please share...
Beautiful Coco has been in the pound for 85 days. Please share so she can find a family to love her forever...

Coco 4644

Please share.
**Im brindle and ready to mingle**

They call me Bruce, I've waited 62 days and no one has showed any interest. Christmas, New Years, Australia Day all of these important dates you would normally spend with your family but instead I spent them in a concrete kennel all alone. My dream would be to spend Valentines Day with a family that will love me forever. Please share my pic and help make my...
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**Will you be my Valentine?**

Meet Snow, this pretty girl waited for her owners to pick her up but it didn't happen. Snow was let down by the only family that she's ever known. Now Snow sits and waits for a new family to give her the love she deserves. Will it be you? Will you be her Valentine?

Please share this gorgeous girl and help her find a home..
~The face of a dog that is longing for love~
Eddie has left the building
Please share to help save them.
Eddie needs your help. Please donate whatever you can to give this gorgeous boy the life he deserves...
Please share Eddie needs a home ASAP