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"Much of today’s marketing includes 'either tired metrics, expired metrics or no metrics at all.'"

Poll: One third of marketers say ‘influencer’ marketing is essential
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Google answers the tech jargon questions you were too ashamed to ask.

Google launches dictionary to explain tech jargon
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"Before you say it, do it, print it, record it or announce it—find a way to see it from your customers’ points of view."

Why it pays to walk in your customers’ shoes
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PR firm uses divisive test to screen applicants for "snowflakes." Would you work for or hire such a firm?

Marketing firm test aimed at weeding out ‘snowflake’ applicants
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"There is a lot of great free information available online if you are willing to take the time to read it all...For me, self-education has several benefits aside from just the money savings."

10 marketing strategies that won’t break the bank
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Crises are impossible to predict, yet require immediate responses. How will Cracker Barrel respond?

Cracker Barrel stays silent in the wake of #BradsWife backlash
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"Subject lines that include numbers have an open and reply rate of 53.2 percent."

Infographic: Tips to boost your email open rate
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Find your next PR, marketing or social media job at Starbucks, Mashable, Organic Valley and more.

Starbucks to hire 240,000—and, possibly, you
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Jargon can hinder your communication efforts more than help. Here's why you should cut the terms from your copy.

5 reasons to avoid jargon
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"There is no right way to step into a new client/agency relationship to ensure that it’s healthy and for the long term. However, you can sharpen your emotional intelligence and gain experience in working with people."

Life in a PR agency: Five ways to shine
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Tap into the power of Generation Z with these tips.

How marketers can reach Generation Z
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The hues you use can relay other messages to your consumers. Here's what they mean.

How color can affect your marketing efforts
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"A situation like that is never easy. Most of the time we would rather jump off a cliff than give bad news to a superior. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to ease the process—and the response."

13 tips for delivering bad news to the boss
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What do you think of LinkedIn's new trending story feature?

LinkedIn introduces ‘Trending Storylines’
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What matters in PR when media is scrutinized like never before? Find out at the PR & Media Relations Summit in NYC!

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Are you working with influential social media users to boost your marketing campaigns? Here's why a third of marketers say the tactic is essential to success.

Poll: One third of marketers say ‘influencer’ marketing is essential
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Your executive's personal brand can greatly impact your organization. Here's how to ensure it's helping--not hindering.

4 steps for execs to create powerful personal brands
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"No one, no matter how big a splash he or she has made in the business world, is immune to illness. Brand managers must be prepared."

How PR pros can manage media relations when leaders fall ill
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"Another change every speaker must contend with is competition from that portable distraction device in everybody's pocket. Audiences who are answering email or posting to Twitter can drive speakers up the wall."

Obama writer: Crafting speeches with authenticity
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What do you think of Google's new "tech jargon" dictionary?

Google launches dictionary to explain tech jargon