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Get more clicks on your articles with compelling headlines. These tips can help.

How to write powerful headlines that drive traffic
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These infographic lessons can help you punch up your copy.

3 writing lessons from infographics
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"In seeking to set the record straight, the Trump administration worsened its PR headache.

Here are two lessons communicators can take from the prickly response to Friday’s numbers."

What PR pros can learn from Trump team’s spin on crowd estimates
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Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment endeared social media users recently with their Twitter interchange.

Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment earn kudos for Twitter banter
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Here's how you can handle negative feedback online--from constructive criticism to trolls' comments.

How PR and marketing pros can handle negative feedback
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"Documents recently filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission revealed that the company will pay $20 million to settle claims that it exaggerated potential earnings in order to recruit more drivers."

Uber will pay $20M over claims it duped drivers
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These podcasts are for scribes of all types.

15 outstanding podcasts for writers
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"Which would you prefer to read: A block of text filled with confusing statistics or a stunning infographic that makes data easy to understand?"

Why infographics will be hotter than ever in 2017
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Have you heard of these journals?

27 journals about everything
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Turns out, PR pros can learn several insights from Texas Hold 'em.

4 lessons PR pros can learn from Texas Hold ’em
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As more consumers, investors and reporters turn to well-curated newsrooms, PR pros should ensure they're optimized for global readers. Here's how.

5 ways to customize your newsroom for global audiences
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"Twitter’s six-second video platform has ended, and in its place is an app that will enable users to upload videos of varying lengths directly to Twitter."

Vine becomes ‘Vine Camera’
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Use these tools to write clickable headlines.

10 tools to help marketers write outstanding headlines
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Storytelling has changed over the years, but its importance to PR pros has only increased.

How storytelling has changed over the years
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Our offices are closed today in memoriam to our former colleague, Brett Spearing, who passed away this week after battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

"We will miss you, Brett. We will toast to you as we tell tales of crazy former co-workers and late-night dance parties—he was always the last man standing—just as you would have wanted us to."

Saying farewell to a cherished colleague
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"Journalists have no obligation to share their final story with you, so don’t ask."

Learn this and other lessons before your next interview.

10 important guidelines for your next media interview
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Facebook rolled out its features to combat fake news to German users, before the country's federal election.

Facebook gives German users tools to combat fake news
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What trends would you add to the list of PR strategies to watch for this year?

3 trends PR pros should embrace in 2017
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Gathering and analyzing metrics can help you respond--or prevent--PR firestorms.

3 ways media metrics can help you handle PR crises
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"Delta’s decision to train its flight crew underlines the increased focus organizations have on customer interactions and how it can affect their brands."