Prachi Desai
yesterday at 07:26. Facebook
In love with these adorning beauties from Forevermark & #OMJewellers
Diamonds are Forever !
Prachi Desai
03/22/2017 at 09:12. Facebook
So not posing for these pics
from yesterday for Forevermark
Thank you Disney India #HidesignxDisney can't wait to watch 'Beauty and the Beast' in theatres this Friday ???? Emma Watson
#Pattaya ☀
On International #WomensDay, I call for equal rights and opportunities for
women at work. Once and for all. [ Link ] @UN_Women

International Women’s Day 2017
When you meet someone older & wiser #twinning
Goofing around on set #behindthescenes
All Dolled up in this new age barbie cotton candy shirt dress by #SonaakshiRaaj #Samsung #GalaxyC9Pro launch
Woah! Bowled over by the looks of the new #GalaxyC9Pro. Bang on trendy!! #BeFearless
Bowled over by the new #GalaxyC9Pro
‪The *sweetest* gesture!! Thank you #TridentBhubaneshwar for the love ❤ somehow don't have the heart to eat em up ‬
Vintage Glam
Totally trippin’ over the looks of the new Samsung #GalaxyC9Pro. A big ❤ #BeFearless
Just witnessed the launch of #GalaxyC9Pro. Super impressed with the speed and multi-tasking abilities of the smartphone! #BeFearless
Fur ball
Suited up for the Net Surf awards
#bestie ❣