N R I T Y A- S H A K T I
India's most acclaimed dancer - Shakti Mohan
It has been lot of back breaking over the years but I feel proud that I am able to contribute my bit to the honor of our forces . Its a well written article in The Hindu that expresses my feelings. Do read )

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Focussing on the forces

The beauty in black
# can i pls pls have a pic with them?
@ sure...y u want a pic with them?
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@ sure little one...the honor is mine to shoot you :)

* during Mumbai Railway Police shoot !
A police force as amazing as the city itself - Mumbai Police.
Be Proud of our Heroes

A born-warrior is painstakingly molded as the top fighting machine of the country- the only passion- to protect the nation- at any cost !
It's a great honor to share with you a leaf from my new work on India's most elite special force- National Security Guards- The Black Cat Commandos
That woman with blue eyes just stole my heart
Happy holi )
Happy holi )
The final cut
Fashion passion
"I wonder...is that a reflection of my being..or a stranger in the mirror. "
A ray of golden light is all it takes to make a sky filled with dark clouds less threatening.
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The woman in red
The captive
A poem I wrote
The art of dance
*featuring the hottest choreographer in Bollywood- Feroz Khan
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