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Your water breaks during pregnancy. Now what? Here's your plan: [ Link ]
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Your baby is undergoing rapid growth and change throughout the second trimester. From brain development to touch and hearing, here's what's happening.

How your baby grows and changes in the second trimester
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Now that the world outside our windows is finally blooming and turning green, there's no better time to be an expectant mom.

4 reasons why spring pregnancies are the best
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A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics suggests late-term babies make for smarter school-age kids.

Are late-term babies born smarter?
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Do you have a problem with stress? Take our quick and easy quiz below to see if there's pregnancy stress you need to address before baby's born.

New quiz: What's your pregnancy stress level?
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A new study explores the link between fetal sex and mom-to-be's immune response. The findings suggest women expecting girls may see a dip in immunity.

Expecting a girl? She may impact your immunity
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Kristen Bell may have starred in a blockbuster titled Bad Moms, but in real-life she's an attentive, protective mother with a goofy side, just like many other celebrity and non-celeb moms alike. That's why Bell's many quotes about motherhood are both

Kristen Bell Quotes On Motherhood Are Reassuring For Parents Everywhere
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"To fall madly in love, to feel fingers the size of a matchstick curl and cling to your flesh, to come to know the particular snorts and grunts of that loaf of blanket and fuzz strapped across your chest, across the place where your hearts pound in echo."

Motherhood: Why we do it
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Breastfeeding 101: everything you need to know about nursing your baby... [ Link ]
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Congratulations are in order for actress Amanda Seyfried (Big Love, Mean Girls) as she welcomes her first baby!

Amanda Seyfried, Thomas Sadoski Welcome First Child!
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“It is right to talk about motherhood as a wonderful thing, but we also have to talk about its stresses and strains. It’s OK not to find it easy...."

Kate Middleton urges us to get real about motherhood
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If you’re exploring natural childbirth options, a water birth may be the relaxing choice you’re looking for. Here's everything you need to know.

Would you give birth under water?
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Unravel your weird pregnancy dreams and understand your deeper worries.

Weird pregnancy dreams and what they mean!
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Do you have a C-section planned? Here's reason not to stress about everything from the spinal to the surgery itself.

3 reasons not to stress about a C-section
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Once you've made the decision to stop growing your family, the adjustment can be tough. Here are 4 gentle and smart tips to ensure you transition wisely.

Family 2.0: Planning for life after babies
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Read our practical steps to feeling better about your changing shape.

Loving your pregnant body
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Whoever came up with the saying “I slept like a baby” had no children. Here are Nanny’s rules for getting some rest. By Nanny Stella.

How to sleep while there's a newborn at home
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The weeks after childbirth are a delicate time. As a doctor, I should know this. But here are the top six mistakes I made as a new mom anyway:

The top 6 mistakes new moms make
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Congrats! You've reached the second trimester. Here's how to enjoy what some call the "best trimester."

7 ways to cherish the second trimester