PHOTOS: #WomensMarch participants had a lot to say over the weekend.

PHOTOS: Here are some of our favorite signs from the Women's March on Washington
When Zikra Younis fled ISIS-held Mosul with her children, she also left her husband. β€œHe chose a path and I chose another.”

After risking death to save her children from ISIS, this Iraqi woman refused to be her husband's prisoner
Co-chair Linda Sarsour of the Women's March on Washington has a few ideas about how to keep the movement moving forward, and she shared them with Across Women's Lives

What's next for the Women's March? Organizer Linda Sarsour explains.
Right after election day, this undocumented American was fearful. Now she is motivated to share her story.

No matter whether DACA survives, this activist is fighting for her rights
This weekend, young women made their voices heard in Washington, DC and around the world. Hear what some of them had to say, via The Takeaway.

Read more about the #WomensMarch here: [ Link ]
"It's clear that those of us who believe trade is good for American families, have done a terrible job defending trade's historic successes and celebrating its future potential," said Sen. Ben Sasse.

Trump decides to step away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact
What if we could track the energy output of every home appliance? Now we can. And the impacts for the environment could be huge.

A Silicon Valley engineer is on a quest to green the world by making buildings smarter
We have some questions for Donald Trump. We know you do, too. Help us with our special project, #100days100qs.

Mr. President, we have some questions. Welcome to #100Days100Qs.
Ever wonder what it would be like to be the only physicist on Capitol Hill? Bill Foster, D-Illinois, can tell you all about it.

The only physicist in Congress, on the state of science on the Hill
Were you at the Women's March at Washington DC? Compare your attendance with the crowd that showed up for Trump's inauguration.

Photos: Compare the crowd at Women's March and Trump's inauguration
We're live in our studio with Mexican American political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz sketching and talking about Trump and America. What questions do you have?

Don't forget to tune in to The World to hear more from Lalo.
Flu season is in full swing. Do you know an H5N8 strain from an H7N9?

Cracking the code of influenza
They include 8-year-old Afghan Aziz Rahman, waiting with his 17-year-old uncle for his father, who is serving 10 days in detention for illegally crossing the border.

In Serbia, migrants are held in terrible conditions β€” from which they can't leave
Can a weakened malaria parasite be used to defeat malaria? Scientists in Seattle hope so.

Scientists want to use a genetically modified malaria parasite as a vaccine against the disease
Analysts think Trump's bluster about crowd sizes was an effort to stop people from talking about the wildly successful Women's March on Washington.

Attempting to overshadow the Women's March, Trump White House falsely claims inaugural attendance was tops
In cities across the US, hundreds of thousands of women and men turned out in protests today. If you joined them, share a picture in the comments below.

PHOTOS: From DC to New York, Chicago to LA, nearly 2 million rally for women
Young women made their voices heard at the #WomensMarch in Washington. #TheUnConvention [ Link ]

Young women made their voices heard at the Women's March in Washington
Millennial women and their younger counterparts told us why they joined the Women's March in Washington, D.C. #TheUnConvention

Young women made their voices heard at the Women's March in Washington
Guinevere Thomas and her friends were among about 100 people who gathered Saturday morning at the downtown Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church to attend the People’s Inauguration, hosted by the NAACP Youth and College division.

Activists rally for the black community in DC after Trump's inauguration
After 22 years, The Gambia stands on the precipice of having a new leader.

Gambia's Jammeh pledges to cede power, but Gambians are still waiting for him to go