Princess Aurora
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Your wedding shall indeed grow in grace and beauty with a Disney color scheme:

Pick a Disney Movie and We'll Tell You What Your Wedding Colors Should Be
Princess Aurora
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That moment when you see new adventures ahead!
Princess Aurora
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Wander outside this spring and share your wonders. #DreamBigPrincess
Always wonder what’s possible. How does Aurora inspire you to #DreamBigPrincess? ✨ [ Link ]
Discover what’s possible when you fill your heart with wonder! #DreamBigPrincess
Whether pink or blue, you can bet Aurora's dress would shine bright.

What the Disney Princesses Might Wear to the Oscars
Awaken your inner Disney Princess:

Quiz: What's Your Disney Princess DNA?
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Stay strong and dream on! How are you inspired by Aurora to wonder what’s possible? #DreamBigPrincess
Never quit your day dreams! #DreamBigPrincess
Craft a spell with Disney Family:

Favorite Sleeping Beauty Crafts and Recipes
A dreamer, through and through. ✨ Happy anniversary to Sleeping Beauty.
Once upon a dream, Sleeping Beauty graced the silver screen.
Always in harmony with the wondrous world. #InspiredByAurora #DreamBigPrincess
Tag someone special to wish them a wonderful new week! #DreamBigPrincess