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Travel Makes The Soul Grow.
Adventures rejuvenate your spirit.
Motion sets your heart free.
~ A book can take you places. A great character can inspire you. A great story can change your life.
~ Celebrating ONE YEAR of #TheCalling—Unleash your True self. Order your copy on my website and you get a special notebook as a gift :) :)
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5 Ways to Build Self Confidence:)
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Priya Kumar
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#FBLive today @ 6pm
5 Ways to Build Self Confidence
Join in the conversation :)
The selfie that happens when you show up early & the meeting starts late.
Been there?
#FBLive 20 Ways to Stay Motivated
A chat every Wednesday with you O Dear Ones
My first #FBLive
Its so important to follow your heart & to give life to your dreams. And all of that starts young. The future ahead, life ahead will be a series of struggles, their overcoming and the subsequent victory, but will it all be worth the journey, that answer lies whether or not you followed your dreams.
Start young, start now, start wherever you are—take the turn toward your calling and you will...
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Distraction Vs. Duties.
We are on Week 49 of The Creators of the Future Workshop.
Are you still committed to your goals? Are you still rooting for yourself to make 2017 the year you made your dreams come true?
Join in the Achievers Zone. Im with you, as your coach to help you stay on track.

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Priya Kumar - Week 49 - Distractions Vs. Duties

The Creators of the future workshop is a Youtube Exclusive 52 week workshop, where Priya Kumar helps you stay on track with your goals and lead you to ensure...

Around this time, eight years ago.

I wish I could go back and put a bigger smile in that picture.
Embrace Disruption, Ride The Change.
We live in such a dynamic world today that success strategies that worked last year, may no longer be practical this year. Success follows the one who is constantly disrupting, changing and harnessing the new. Those who are holding on to the past, will soon belong there. The future is for the brave ones, who are willing to leave the comfort of familiarity...
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At ARN studios in Dubai.
Getting on the breakfast show on radio Hit 96.7fm with RJ Maya ????
In Dubai for workshops.... and of course the shopping that follows after work!!
I love my life.. it allows me the joys of expression. It allows me the joys of indulgence during work & after work.
I think everyone should make what they love their living... for that is when life comes a full...
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The Selfie happens -
When you are bored waiting at the airport.
When you are irritated with others taking selfies.
When you are so bored & irritated,you take a selfie :)
Here is to the "Puffer Fish" in YOU. There is a Miracle only YOU can bring upon this world, and that Miracle awaits you.
Greatness is your inheritance. Let 2017 be about bringing that to fore and lighting up with world with it.
~ Deep admiration for the creators of this video, BBC Earth.
Success is YOUR responsibility. To help you get there I have started the 52 week Creators of The Future Workshop on YouTube, FREE. These are weekly videos that I upload with strategies, tips and directions to keep you on your purpose.
Week 50—Partnerships and Collaborations will take you toward your destination faster with bigger results.
We are onto the 4th week now. Are you committed to make...
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Priya Kumar—Partnerships & Collaborations enhance your goals—Week 50

Priya Kumar is an Internationally renowned Motivational Speaker and Author of 8 Inspirational Books that have won Ten International Awards. In this 52 Week W...

The Good Karma Award for Inspirational Author, by Times of India, Speaking Tree.... presented by Jackie Shroff & Mr. Agarwal COO Times Internet
Im honored and humbled.
Its amazing on how your work qualifies as good karma. Actually everyone's work does.
I wish that your work touches the life of others, thereby enriching yours !!
Im grateful for your love and for the acknowledgement.
Are you committed to making 2017 The Year when YOU made all your dreams come true?
The Creators of The Future Workshop on YouTube takes you on a 52 week journey step by step to taking your dreams to the destiny they deserve.
We are already onto Week 3 and the focus, the commitment, the energy is already aligning. Come join in. You only have your dreams to realize :)

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Priya kumar—Week 51—Creator's of the Future Workshop

The Creators of The Future Workshop is a 52 week workshop concluding into 2018, making 2017 a year of Outstanding Achievement. This is a YouTube exclusive wo...

The Dream Run at the Standard Chartered Marathon.
Running for my moms "Sona Sarovar Trust" that's supports education and personal development for 26 slum kids.

#marathon #charity #phillantropist #goodkarma #run #dreamrun