Priya Kumar
03/25/2017 at 02:04. Facebook
Unveiling "The Wise Man Said" cover.
Finally !!!!!
My 9th Inspirational book will be released this May 2017.
I will have the Pre-pre-order open soon :) :)
Super Excited Author !!!!!
Priya Kumar
03/23/2017 at 06:22. Facebook
Greatly honored and humbled with the love and admiration here at SWEIndia in Pune.
I will live 2 days longer than my time
Priya Kumar
03/23/2017 at 03:22. Facebook
First speaker at the conference here in Pune.
500 women in the audience.
Should be a fun session.
I wish I could do it live here on FB One day :)
In this video, which is a part in the series of the Creators of The Future Workshop, I talk about building the right foundation with your values, beliefs and principles and taking a stand in accordance. Ensure that your family also stands for what you stand for. Ensure that your friends and your colleagues are on the same page as you as far as values, purpose and vision is concerned. Those who...
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Priya Kumar—Week 42—The Legacy of YOU

Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Author of 8 Inspirational books that have won 10 International Awards. In this video, wh...

WAARI BOOK CAFE is hosting an Author Reader Event with me on 22nd March. You are welcome to join in. I would be doing a short motivational talk on "Dream Dare Deliver" and doing a short Q&A :)
You are welcome to join in if you are around.
Would be lovely to meet with you in person, out of this virtual world here on FB :)

Author Reader Meet—Be Inspired

Love... Give... Serve.
Let's talk
#FBLive now
Women have an inherent state of love and giving. Women are naturally inclined to sensitivity & sensibility and hence nature chose them as the carriers of life.
Celebrating womanhood... here's to you O Dear One's... the women and to the one's borne to them !!!!
#FBLive today at 6pm :)
Lets talk about "love"...Lets talk about "giving"... Lets talk about "service".
P.S. My team put hearts in my car... and Im keeping them all :) :)
The Inspiring Journey of a Hero.
The first corporate biography I wrote on Mr. O.P. Munjal the founder of Hero Cycles.
"If the price of success is a broken home. There is no bigger failure than that".
~a quote from the book.
The best birthday ever.
44 is a special age—where contribution becomes the primary purpose. Looking forward for a lifetime of service.
Love you, my extended family here on Facebook !!!!
With mom is Goa over the weekend.
Mothers are the bestest friends ever. Mine is smart, funny and pretty too :) :) Im Blessed.
Getting live
Celebrating I am another you
Dream Dare Deliver.
I have learnt that when one doesnt know where one is going, just walking on paves the way to somewhere.
Travel Makes The Soul Grow.
Adventures rejuvenate your spirit.
Motion sets your heart free.
~ A book can take you places. A great character can inspire you. A great story can change your life.
~ Celebrating ONE YEAR of #TheCalling—Unleash your True self. Order your copy on my website and you get a special notebook as a gift :) :)
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5 Ways to Build Self Confidence:)
Join in the conversation
#FBLive today @ 6pm
5 Ways to Build Self Confidence
Join in the conversation :)
The selfie that happens when you show up early & the meeting starts late.
Been there?