Priya Kumar
Priya Kumar
05/25/2017 at 02:50. Facebook
The Calling wins The International Book Award, self help.
Acknowledgement and recognition is a greater reward than money (though that helps too :):))
You are not just a part of my journey, you are also a part of my purpose.
Bigger than any recognition is your love and this amazingly positive & spiritual connection that I have with you.
Love you.
I appreciate you.
I award you.
Shayeza Mughal
Steven Yap K K
Kartar Jaisinghani
Priya Kumar
Priya Kumar
05/24/2017 at 02:49. Facebook
The thing about the truth is that just because you tell the truth, it does not mean that people will believe you.
~ an excerpt.
Has it ever happened with you, that you told the truth but people didn't believe you ????

P.S. Have you ordered your copy of The Wise Man Said yet? Would love for you to read the book :)
TheWiseManSaid The thing about the truth is that just because you tell
Priya Kumar
Prerna Talwar
Vishal Raaga
Priya Kumar
Priya Kumar
05/23/2017 at 03:20. Facebook
When you "become" what you "do" then you have touched the soul of your craft ! Immerse yourself in your passion, dive into the depths of your interest, where no other voice is heard but yours, where no other example is needed to guide you, where your light is enough to illuminate your way and to highlight your vision.
Immerse. Indulge. Become!
Have you ordered your copy yet?
Reghunath Krishnan
Nivedita Bhattacharjee
Steven Yap K K
'I have learnt that the path may come to an end, but the journey must continue'.
Meet Sammy, the 80 year old billionaire who sets off on an adventure, which will inspire you, humor you and move you toward creating a life in accordance with your purpose.
When you do get your hands on the book, stay in touch, let me know your thought. :) :)
TheWiseManSaid I have learnt that the path may come to an end
Samir Chavan
Taran Luha
Dothish Kumar
Life is the meaning you give it.
And so... Life has many meanings.
Have you ordered your copy yet ? eager for you to get onto some mind blowing spiritual adventures with Sammy, the 80 year old billionaire!
Priya Kumar
Parvathy Geetha
Steven Yap K K
#LiveWithMom This Mother's Day Celebrating Mom.
My mother is my life support. I attribute her as the foundation of my success.
Behind every successful man is a woman, behind many a successful woman is her mother. Mine is smart, funny, worldly wise, the handyman, the doctor, the finance consultant, the therapist, the cook, the task master, the friend and a great example.
Thank you mom, you have...
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Priya Kumar
Pramod Sharma
Shridhar Mani
My Life Support—My Mother.
Celebrating Mothers Day #LiveWithMom @12.30pm. Join in the fun :)
1. Fun Quiz about how well I know my mom.... Add some questions.
2. Things my mom gave me :)
3. #MomInspiration
4. #MomMoment
My Life SupportMy Mother Celebrating Mothers Day LiveWithMom 1230pm Join in the
Kishan Gohil
Prince Kumaar Nahar
Harisha Jangid
Let’s make this the Weekend of Wisdom.
~ Here is an excerpt from The Wise Man Said
I have learnt to hold on no matter how tough or impossible the situation may be for me to stay. The truth is that the situation will turn, as the planet does, to bring us the promised sunrise after every sunset. Life is set up that way, what rise falls, what falls rises, what comes forth, will soon retreat—that...
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Let’s make this the Weekend of Wisdom
Priya Kumar
Varsha Shah
Sajjan Singh
Energy is life.
Don't blame your work, your passion, your purpose for stealing your energy.
Taking care of your body is your responsibility. When you fail at it, eventually life fails you.
My new video on YouTube.
Your thoughts ?
[ Link ]
Energy is life Dont blame your work your passion your purpose for

Priya Kumar-Energy is Life-Week 34

Priya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and best selling author of 9 books that have won 11 international awards. Priya does a serie...

Liyakat Ali
Sanjay Singh Sanjay Singh
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?
Who says you can't have it all?
Have a life and live it too?
The Wise Man Said is my "have it all" story of a "have it all" life.
Have you ordered yet? Hurry the FREE quotes book offer lasts until 13th May ☺☺☺
Excited for you to read it ????
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too
Steven Yap K K
Prince Kumaar Nahar
Vishal Raaga
This is what I did last night
Signed 600 books #Thewisemansaid
Priya Kumar
Shishir Deshmukh
Nitesh Singh
Unboxing #Thewisemansaid
Have you ordered your copy yet !!
Priya Kumar
Jeyasri Raghavan
Sruthi Chilla
The Wise Man Said is here.
The first box is opened. The pre orders will get their orders early ☺
So excited for you to read The Wise Man Said.
You have to stay in touch when you start reading. Give me chapter by chapter review
If you haven't already... pre order here on Amazon: [ Link ]
Ashish Papadkar
অনামিকা সেন দেশমুখ
Shailendra Yadav
Love is Real. Love Is.
But familiarity brings to fore the imperfections & flaws in the things and people you once so dearly loved. Don't lose sight of the purpose you had on the advent of the journey, don't let familiarity steal your purpose, peace and passion.
"The Missing Eleven" is a video I made to encourage your attention toward love and toward purpose.
P.S. Have you Pre Ordered 'The Wise...
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Love is Real Love Is But familiarity brings to fore the imperfections

Priya Kumar—The Missing Eleven—Week 35

Priya Kumar is a Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker. To know more about her work, visit

Priya Kumar
Steven Yap K K
Avinash Pandey
#TheWiseManSaid Pre-Order now on Amazon :)
"I am a happy soul but people and circumstances steal my peace. I start my day with a smile but return home feeling beat." She said.
"Do what a happy soul does, spread the cheer.If that is what you put out around you, unhappiness will be nowhere near." The Wise Man Said.
"before the negativity is released your way, put out your share of joy in the...
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TheWiseManSaid PreOrder now on Amazon I am a happy soul but people
Priya Kumar
Anand Kumar Singh
Kartar Jaisinghani
#thewisemansaid Have you pre ordered on Amazon?
~ Take your admiration further to curiosity and investigation where you decode the success of the ones you admire.
Admiration is a beginning to your study of success, don't end it there.
~ The Wise Man Said.
Priya Kumar
Nidhi Gaur
Prince Kumaar Nahar
Priya Kumar
Alpa Kapadia Teli
Alpa Kapadia Teli
A book that will make your soul grow.
Have you pre ordered it yet?
~ Here is an excerpt:
"You can get anything you want as long as _____________ . That blank is personal to every person. That blank is the key to your success. That blank is the space where your greatest growth lies."
Filled with humour, love, adventure and learnings,The Wise Man Said is my best work so far !!!...
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TheWiseManSaid A book that will make your soul grow Have you pre
Priya Kumar
Rambabu Yadav
Hunter Vn
The Wise Man said.... fill in the blanks ☺
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Priya Kumar
Sahni Siratul
Subhransu Nag
• I have sometimes found myself failing to help people even when I did. I have helped them solve a problem, only to watch them create another one right after. And in helping them solve the new problem, watched them create another one right after. Some people are committed to their suffering so strongly, they will outdo your every attempt to make it go away.
~ An excerpt from...
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TheWiseManSaid I have sometimes found myself failing to help people even when
Priya Kumar
Steven Yap K K
Vijay Pereira