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Priya Kumar
12/07/2016 at 05:19. Facebook
How I deal with Setbacks.
Here is a video I posted on my Youtube Channel :) Would love to know your thoughts.
P.S. I love the connection. Would love to know how you deal with setbacks ? :)
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Priya Kumar—How i Deal with Setbacks

Priya Kumar is a Motivational Speaker. She has written 8 Inspirational Books that have won Ten International Awards. Priya speaks at corporate conferences on...

Priya Kumar
12/04/2016 at 16:30. Facebook
Priya Kumar
12/04/2016 at 16:24. Facebook
The Calling—Unleash Your True Self
Official Launch & Celebrations with The Legend, SONU NIGAM on 22nd December at the 92.7BigFM Studios in Mumbai from 12pm to 1pm. You are Invited.
Super excited to meet you.
Priya Kumar
12/03/2016 at 02:02. Facebook
You are as you choose.
I love my job and my job loves me back.
I love my life and my life loves me back.

If you don't love your job, it won't love you back either. Somewhere the choice went wrong. Modify it so happiness and love flow.

As you do, so it will all come back to you :)
@ the EY conference in Kochi
Have you ever....
Been so tired... that when you finally slept... you had dreams that you were sleeping... I.e. you were so tired that you were sleeping in your dreams too (Been working 16-18 hours a day. Now a well deserved holiday with my nieces in LA)
#thewisemansaid Coming Soon
I am on the way
My heart carries me further than my feet can.
I am on the way
Sailing the seven seas & conquering the land.
I am on the way
The mood deciding direction, the curiosity paving the course.
I am on the way
Somehow circling back to me.. to find within the primary source.
"I know I wronged. And no one knows. But what makes it worse, is that I know." She said.
"Since you are the creator, you are also your own executioner." The wise man said.
"You don't need them to wrong you back, the one who knows... will. And that one is you! Wrong, like good has power. That which you do to others, you will "allow" unto you. Shatter that irresponsibility and that will free...
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Caught Ya!!
I caught the sun shining on the moon :):)
#priyakumar #spiritualadventure
The Calling—Unleash Your True Self
Life is predictable. It won't surprise you beyond your Karmic contribution in it.
The farmer doesn't reap the corn by fluke. He sowed it !!! His crop is a predictable consequence of his actions AND SO IS LIFE !!
#thewisemansaid Coming Soon
"I don't like rules, especially the ones that contain my spirit. I want to decide for myself, what to work on, how long to work. Where to go, when to go. Who to befriend, who to avoid. I don't like rules, that tell me I have to, when I don't want to." She said.
"Rules serve a common lot, that share the same reality as the maker. As long as your choices serve you and...
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#thewisemansaid Coming Soon
"I need to sort out my work. Chaos reigns in every project. I need to sort out my relationships. An unconfronted confusion underlines the exchange. I need to sort out my family. Dissatisfaction grows with expectations. I need to sort out my life," She said.
"When the problem seems complex the answer must simple. Since the discord is widespread, in every area it will...
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#thewisemansaid coming soon :)
The car isn't mine... the dream is.
The picture isn't mine... the vision is.
The road isn't mine... the journey is.
The words aren't mine... the feeling is.
The story isn't mine... the message is.
The achievement isn't mine... the purpose is.
The glory isn't mine... the love is.
This time isn't mine... the eternity is.

Over to you O Dear One.
"When people around me dont understand my dreams and my purpose, they knowingly or unknowingly stand in my way. Let me be, to them I say. But because they themselves dont have a purpose, from mine they tempt me to sway," She said.
"What shall I do? Im surrounded with those with whom I see my doom!"
"The one to whom you owe the fulfillment of your purpose is you. You dont need...
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The Calling Cover Contest.
A great one by Sirawatul. I am totally loving this :) :)
The Calling Cover Contest
Great work of art by Shayeza. Love it.
The Calling Cover Contest
Great Patriotic Rendition by Bobby Rana. Love the effort and the enthusiasm to participate.